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The testing process also includes races. Coffel volunteered that High Lifter is an accessory design partner with Polaris on the new Polaris Ranger RZR. The RZR has competed in events using a High Lifter 2-inch lift kit, High Lifter Outlaw tires and wheels, a snorkel system among other modifications. “We took it out into a real-world competition to see how it stacked up against the other bikes,” said Coffel.

The High Lifter facility also includes a showroom where the company sells its products and exhibits prototype products. “We exhibit some kind of prototype that has never been seen before,” said Coffel. Most recently visitors to the showroom saw a “freak show” Polaris Ranger RZR fitted with a 15-inch lift kit and 31-inch Outlaw tires. “There is nothing else like it in the world,” quipped Coffel.

The company has a network of 2500 dealers around the world. Basically, the criteria for being a High Lifter Products dealer is to have a business that is in some way related to ATVs and that business must make a very, very small qualifying order. Coffel volunteered that an owner of a florist shop once requested to become a High Lifter dealer. “We joke about that now. We say that only florist shops can’t be a High Lifter dealer,” joked Coffel.

Maxxis Mudda-Cross
Maxxis Mudda-Cross

The Mud Nationals for Business and Pleasure
To help in the marketing of High Lifter and its products and to help the company get closer to its customers, High Lifter produces the Mud Nationals every year. The five-day event, takes place at the Mud Creek Off-Road Park, a 3,500 acres facility in Jacksonville, Texas. The Mud Creek Off-Road Park features rolling hills, swamp land, river bottoms and dry areas. “If you are a two-wheel driver, you can come and ride on dry trails all week long and never touch mud. If you’re a mud rider, you can come and ride in muddy creek bottoms all week long and never touch a dry trail. It’s a place where everybody can ride,” said Coffel.

The first Mud Nationals took place in 2003 and were held in Long View, Texas.

The Mud Nationals includes eight competitions. They are:

The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Mud-A-Cross
The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Dynojet Bad 2 Da’ Bone Competition
The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Poker Run
The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Kiddie Bog
The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Team Gorilla Run
The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Super Trapp Mud Bog
The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals Moose Utility Division Mud Chic Shoot Out

The Mud-A-Cross is a mud race held on a circular or oval shaped course with varying depths of primarily water with a soft bottom. Two or more ATVs at a time participate in side-by-side elimination heats until the final race for the winners. The course is primarily muddy water. The depth is about 1-foot to 4-feet at the deepest point and most of the course will be 2-feet to 3-feet with underwater humps and holes. Snorkels and extended vent lines are recommended because the depth of the water can exceed the height of the air intake on some ATVs.

The Dynojet Bad 2 Da’ Bone is a competition that rates the modifications done to an ATV. Quad owners and their quads are present in a booth and spectators come to them and view the modifications done to the quad, get an explanation of the modifications from the quad owner, and ask questions of the quad owner concerning the modifications. Then spectators vote on the quad with the most impressive modifications.

The Poker Run is a five station race. At the completion of each station, the racer draws a poker-playing card; and that card is punched. At the end of the five-station race, the contestants turn in their five punched cards which are then reviewed by event staff. Winners are determined by the poker hand of the five cards. High hand wins and low hand wins. If there is a tie, there is a high-card draw to determine the winner.

The Kiddie Bog is a mud race for racers between the age of 6 and 15.

SuperTrapp Mud Bog
SuperTrapp Mud Bog

The Team Gorilla Run is a two-man cross country mud bog/endurance race. Two team members leave the starting line at the same time on either two ATVs or one. Teams leave the starting line in about one-minute intervals. Each team must reach checkpoints and must receive proof from the checkpoint station attendant that they were there. When teams reach the halfway point, they must turn and head back to the finish line through a marked trail. The two team members must finish the race on either two ATVs or one. Fastest time wins.

The Super Trapp Mud Bog is a mud race along a designated course. If any part of a racer’s ATV crosses the designated boundary and thus goes out of the course, that racer is disqualified.

The Moose Utility Division Mud Chic Shoot Out is the women’s division of the Super Trapp Mud Bog race.

There is no pre-registration to participate in Mud Nationals events. Instead, participants register at the event.

Last year’s Mud Nationals had a total of 12,400 participants, said Coffel. It is not a spectator event. “The Mud Nationals is a five-day cross between Woodstock, Sturgis, and the infield of a NASCAR rally,” said Coffel.

According to Coffel, competitors from at least three countries and 20 or so states participated in last year’s Nationals. “People travel from Maine and Alaska to be a part of the event,” said Coffel.

High Lifter uses the Mud Nationals to get more involved with its customers. “It gives us an opportunity to see our customers every year and for them to see us,” said Coffel. “It also allows us to see our products at work in a real world environment. It is also a great way to increase business. The Mud Nationals is an event. People come here as part of their vacations. Also, when they get ready for the Mud Nationals they will buy High Lifter modifications and products for their ATVs. After the event, they may need to fix something on their bike; or they may want to improve something and they buy High Lifter products that do that.”

Company Website
Finally, the company has a website ( The site includes information about High Lifter Products, serves as a platform where consumers can buy products, provides information about the company’s R&D department, and also includes forums and chat rooms for ATV enthusiasts.

Coffel noted that the forums have been live for about six or seven years and provides a communication tool for High Lifter customers. There are about 25,000 active members. Forum topics include:

Discussion of Nitrous Related Material
Riding Areas and Meet New People
Tech Questions
Member Photo Galleries
Club Talk

Visitors to the forums can also discuss the upcoming or past Mud Nationals, find out how to maintain and repair their ATVs, and get factory information on ATVs made by Polaris, Arctic Cat, Can-Am BRP, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Recreational Utility Vehicles, sports quads, etc. There are even classified ad forums where you can buy or sell ATVs and/or ATV parts and accessories.

It’s hard to believe that all of this started with a hobbyist and the creation of a lift kit in the backyard of a home in Shreveport, Louisiana. However, thanks to fate, ATV riders and racers can seek the help of High Lifter Products for improvements to their ATVs and participation in mud racing. So, if you’re not afraid of a little mud, High Lifter can help you get down and dirty.

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