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By Tim Donaldson
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Pennsylvania’s QuadFest 2007
Where Those with Quads Come to Play

Some of the rocky terrain trails available at the QuadFest for riders to test out their skills on.
Some of the rocky terrain trails available at the QuadFest for riders to test out their skills on.

A look at Quadfest from one of the many hillsides.
A look at Quadfest from one of the many hillsides.

The word “festival” may conjure many different images in a person’s mind. Whatever those images may be, it would most certainly involve fun and having a great time. For ATV enthusiasts, the same applies. A simple truncation of the word and conjunction with “quad” yields the name of an annual event in Pennsylvania known as the QuadFest which attracts ATVers from all over the United States, and it certainly involves fun!

As it was last year, QuadFest was held at the Mountain Ridge Trails Resort located near Central City. Only recently opened a few years ago, “The Mountain” offers over 100 miles of riding trails. Each trail is labeled according to level of difficulty. Green labeled trails are geared towards the novice rider and are family oriented. These trails are relatively smooth and flat. However, moving over to the blue labeled trails, riders encounter more of an advanced challenge as the terrain becomes rockier. For the experts, there are the black labeled trails which are extremely rocky. Be sure to have the fix-a-flat handy.

There were even youth trails at the Kidz Korner section.
There were even youth trails at the Kidz Korner section.

Motocross track
Motocross track

Other features of “The Mountain” that riders of the QuadFest enjoyed were the motocross track and kids motocross. The event schedule allotted time daily for riders to practice and gave those riding the large track a chance to compete in a timed trial contest. The small track was aptly named Kidz Korner where the younger riders could stay safely away from the larger, faster moving traffic.

If riding the motocross is not your thing, no problem. QuadFest had plenty of events for every one. Many tested their skills by riding through the obstacle course. The course consisted of rodeo-style turns around barrels, driving over a set of pallets and old tires, stopping near a swimming pool to find a special object, riding over some logs, and finally driving over a seesawing platform to ring a bell. Of course, during the event, some riders discovered that it was faster to jump completely over the seesaw and ring the bell with one of their ATV tires.

The Drag's
The Drag's

For those that love to ride on two wheels.
For those that love to ride on two wheels.

Shortly after the obstacle course event finished began yet another, the drag races. Well over 200 riders were divided into their respective classes to compete. Riders were split between utility, sport, 2-stroke, 4-stroke, and bore sizes. There was also a hybrid class for those with super-modified machines such as the Banshee and Quadzilla with the R6 and R1 motorcycle engines, respectively. Even pro rider Mike Penland competed, when he wasn’t signing autographs. Unfortunately, Mr. Penland was not able to top the unstoppable Brute Force, winner of the utility and sport classes.

If that’s not enough, riders could participate in the mud bog or wheelie contests. As with the drag races, mud boggers were divided into their appropriate classes and gave it their all in the short and long distance versions of the bogs. Several wiggled and squirmed their way to the finish. For the rest, the event staff was close by to pull them out!

Prepping the Mudbog Hole!
Prepping the Mudbog Hole!

The sticky, sinkable goop!
The sticky, sinkable goop!

Contestants in the wheelie competition wowed the audience with their special skills. Some remained on their seats. Others stood or rode on their stomachs. Those less faint of heart climbed atop the handlebars. One even amazed the crowd by riding a wheelie backwards on a utility quad by sitting on the front rack while in reverse and 4-wheel drive.

Event sponsors Can-Am and Yamaha brought some of their new ’08 models for exhibit and riding. Can-Am let riders choose from a host of new quads, including the powerful new Renegade. Yamaha treated riders to machines in their Rhino side x side line-up and both firms trail blazed courses that showcased their machine’s features to prospective riders.

Many other vendors and sponsors attended the event, offering a host of ATV-related goods. QuadFest attendees were also able to enjoy the on-site food vendors and live music entertainment provided by “The Hecklers.” When they weren’t playing, a DJ kept the atmosphere lively by keeping the tunes rolling. Brian Fisher of Fisher’s ATV World was also on hand greeting fans.

Terrain for all types of riders was available at this years QuadFest.
Terrain for all types of riders was available at this years QuadFest.

All of the exciting activities of QuadFest 2007 couldn’t have taken place without the hard-working efforts of PaAtving and the QuadFest event staff. Asking QuadFest event spokesperson, Jill Moyher, about how QuadFest was originated, Jill responded, “QuadFest was created to be a community event that benefited any organization that wanted to be involved. This year, 14 groups received financial support. At this point, we solicited groups to become involved. In the future, we hope to employ a selection process similar to 4th Fest in State College. Groups would ‘apply’ to be involved. We are willing to listen to any group and their idea to raise funds.”

The growing success of QuadFest is evident in the past event participation numbers:

• 2003 - PaAtving Pig Roast at Majestic Trails – 1100 Riders
• 2004 - PaAtving Pig Roast at Majestic Trails – 1600 Riders
• 2005 - QuadFest at Tri-County – 1200 Riders
• 2006 - QuadFest at “The Mountain” – 2600 Riders
• 2007 - QuadFest at “The Mountain” – 5000 Riders

Can-Am was on hand to display their new 2008 model year and provide demo rides too.
Can-Am was on hand to display their new 2008 model year and provide demo rides too.

PaAtving is the Marketing Group that oversees and promotes QuadFest as its own event each year. Steve Harkins, CTO of PaAtving, commented the following about the goals and missions of PaAtving, “PaAtving is a ravenous, high end technology company that focuses all of its energy on one state, Pennsylvania, to empower Pa ATVers to empower themselves–be they an individual or a group. Pennsylvania is fourth in the nation in ATV sales. Our numbers and economic clout in the entire state rival the entire sport of hunting in Pennsylvania, yet the two groups differ immensely in public perception and political power at all levels. PaAtving has been studying Pennsylvania ATV history for the last eight years and has amassed the largest repository of Pennsylvania ATV knowledge. Through the wisdom of this knowledge, PaAtving seeks to add any ATV trail mile possible in the state.”

Groups like PaAtving make it possible for ATV riding areas to open and events such as the QuadFest to take place. The QuadFest 2008 and 2009 will, again, be held at “The Mountain” which is open year-round for public riding. Visit for more information.

In closing, Jill Moyher stated, “In November, we will have a QuadFest forum to work out positive changes for the 2008 event. Thank you for your support of ATVing in Pennsylvania. Any comments and/or suggestions or if you group wants to become more involved, please email

Further information about the QuadFest and PaAtving can be obtained at and

See page two for more photos of this years QuadFest.

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