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By: Robert Janis

Rider Network

The Rider Network -- One Stop Shop for Everything ATV

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there were one place an ATV owner could go to get all he or she needs to know about having fun with his or her ATV? Actually, there is. It’s called the Riders Network, and you can access it from your computer at:

The Rider Network provides you with information on event insurance, club programs, annual park facility programs, annual motocross practice facility programs, annual Rider Network promoter programs, information on track and trail products, and programs and services specifically offered by Rider Network including the Trail Patrol Ambassador Program, how to start a club program and Rider Rewards Program. Information on all these programs is included in a catalog that can be downloaded from the Rider Network website.

Insurance Policies

Insurance policies available through Rider Network actually comes from National Motorsports, a company that offers insurance programs tailored for the ATV industry.

Event insurance policies are offered to ATV racing events producers and includes coverage for motorcycle road course races; minibike races; motorcycle road course track day and practice; private club motocross, motocross and practices, snowmobile, snowcross and super moto races; motorsports freelance events; flat track, dirt track, speedway and ice racing events; trials bike competitions; off-highway vehicle rock crawling competitions; hare scrambles and cross country events; drag races and mud runs; hill climb competitions; single file timed off road challenges and rodeos; poker run, fun day, trail ride and radar runs; and sled pull competitions. There is also a policy for training schools. Producers of racing events can also obtain a weather insurance policy so you don’t lose money because your event had to be canceled due to rain.

The Rider Network and National Motorsports also recognize the need for clubs to have insurance coverage for club meetings, workshops, and special club functions. So there are policies available for them.

You can check the Riders Network website for prices and other information.

Signs, Banners and Products

The Rider Network also offers a variety of products that assist in making ATV riding enjoyable and less of a problem for non-ATV recreationists who may also be sharing a trail or may be living near an ATV racing course or track.

For example, there are signs and banners available to be used on trails to encourage proper riding etiquette, products, or accessories that limit dust, products, and accessories that assist in grooming trails and tools that assist in the engineering of trails.

Programs and Services

Rider Network also offers a variety of programs for ATV riders and enthusiasts. These programs include The Rider Smart™ Trail Ambassador Program, Alternative Events Program, assistance in organizing a club and the Rider Rewards Program.

The Ride Smart™ Trail Ambassador Program has been designed to get ATV enthusiasts involved in keeping ATV trails open and to encourage the proper use of those trails. Developed by the Wisconsin ATV Association and the NOHVIS Group, the Trail Ambassador Program is legislatively authorized and administered in a partnership with the Bureau of Law Enforcement of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). It consists of more than 800 people who are DNR-certified safety instructors and who are out on the trails and serving like campground hosts monitoring the people who use the trails and advising them on proper behavior and assisting those who get lost. To be a Trail Ambassador, a person must take a safety course given by the state and be state certified and they also have to go through the Wisconsin ATV Association and NOHVIS Group certified training program, teach a safety class themselves once every two years, and go through a background check.

The Alternative Events Program offers producers of racing events more events that they can include in their schedule. These events include Super Challenges®, Mud Runs, Off-Road Challenges, and Relay Races. The Rider Network will help organize these events including insurance and track layout ideas.

Enjoying a recreational sport like ATV riding is more enjoyable when more people are involved, and you are not alone. That is the purpose of the Rider Network’s efforts in assisting to organize clubs. The people available to assist you have experience in helping to create clubs and have worked with the Wisconsin ATV Association in creating local clubs in the state of Wisconsin.

Finally, the Rider Network offers a Rider Rewards Program. The group has created a network of merchants, restaurants, hotels, and motels who offer a discount to members of the Rider Network. The names of these companies can be obtained from the Rider Network website.

Companies that participate in the program receive discount rates on insurance from the National Motorsports Insurance Company; receive reimbursement from Rider Network for every rider they sign up on the program; provides site inspections, pictures, video, helmet cam, and GPS of the company’s location which is available for view on the Rider Network website or on a DVD offered by Rider Network or on Rider Network television show productions. The program also allows member companies access to Rider Network’s data management services and also permits them to sell promotional products on the Rider Network website. Moreover, member companies can process credit card sales and process checks through the Rider Network to lessen the chance of being stuck with a bounced check or high fees and expensive equipment that might be associated with processing credit card sales.

ATV riders who are members of the Rider Rewards Program are given a special membership card that is custom made with the logo of the company that signed them to the program, discounts on products and services sold by member companies, and special arrangements for rider members to use Rider Network recreational facilities and areas. Members can also use the Rider Network website to get information on Rider Network riding areas; print maps of trails and see points of interest; stream helmet cam video of all Rider Network tracks; obtain information on merchants, hotels, motels, restaurants and other companies that are members of the Rider Rewards Program and who offer discounts on their products or services; and arrange to meet with other members for organized rides.

As I said at the beginning of this article, the Rider Network is truly a one-stop shop or website for anything and everything ATV. Visit the site and see for yourself. Be sure to download the catalog so you have all the advantages of being a member right at your fingertips.

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