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By: Robert Janis

A Quad That Can Ride On Water

Quadski makes going from land to water a whole new experience
Quadski makes going from land to water a whole new experience

We’ve all seen ATVs ride through water--a creek, a stream, a shallow river. But I don’t think you’ve seen a quad that rides ON water.

Believe it or not, such a quad, called the Quadski, is soon coming to the United States. The vehicle was developed by Gibbs Technologies, Ltd. based in Great Britain.

The company claims that the Quadski can travel 50 miles an hour (or 72 knots per hour) on land and on water. It is equipped with a large fuel tank that allows it to travel for up to two hours on water and 600 kilometers on land. It can make the transition from land to water or water to land in less than five seconds and makes the changeover with just a flip of a switch. The wheels are retracted into the body of the vehicle when it is entering the water and a jet pump becomes the means of propulsion on the water. The wheels or the jet pump are powered by a 140 BHP gasoline engine and the vehicle contains more than 60 patented elements that make it work.

Splashing and dashing around the waters edge is cool and refreshing
Splashing and dashing around the waters edge is cool and refreshing

Gibbs Technologies has created a separate company called Gibbs Sports Amphibians which will market the Quadski. In addition, Gibbs Technologies is currently considering the creation of technical centers, sales offices and manufacturing plants in several states in the United States including Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, and Texas. New model production may start in North America as soon as late next year. Introduction of the Quadski in the U.S. is expected to take place during the first half of 2009.

The Quadski is one of three amphibious vehicles to be introduced by Gibbs Technologies. The Aquada is an amphibious car and the third vehicle is also amphibious, will be marketed to the military and is being developed along with Lockheed Martin.

Some of the patent elements used on these vehicles include: Hydrodynamics, Retracting Suspension, Water Jet Technology, Drive Line Applications, Cooling, Air Water Separation, Hull Design, Handling, Steering, Electrical/Electronics, Homologation. and Ergonomics.

Quadski hangs tuff even when flying
Quadski hangs tuff even when flying

The company is said to be exploring a variety of manufacturing, supplier, and dealer-distribution options and is also considering partnerships with potential investors and licensees for the technology.

Additional information about becoming a dealer or licensee can be found at the company’s website:

An amphibious quad can open all sorts of new possibilities. Imagine the creation of a whole new racing association that produces races on a multi-element course that includes a motocross track, a cross country course, and a man-made lake--or a motocross track, a desert course, and a man-made lake--or even the ocean, the beach, a motocross track, and a cross-country course. We’ve all seen or heard of the Iron Man competitions in which a competitor runs a marathon, swims a lake, and then hops on to a bike to contest in a major bike race. With the advent of the Quadski, it is now possible to do the Iron Man competition better with an Xtreme ATV/Iron Man Contest. Man! Imagine the possibilities!!

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