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By: Robert Janis

Hunting Gear You Might Forget
Don't Forget ......

Readers of who go out hunting no doubt remember the traditional things you need to take along on the hunt. Of course, there is the firearm and ammunition or the bow and arrows, the proper clothing, the tree stand, the binoculars, the proper boots, etc. However, what about the gear that you may tend to forget. Say, the anti-scent formula so that the animals you are stalking can't smell you or the rifle sling, so it is easier to keep the rifle steady as you shoot, etc.?

This article is meant to remind you of these types of things so that your day hunting is more enjoyable and more fruitful.

Caldwell Lead Sled Shooting Rest
Caldwell Lead Sled Shooting Rest

For The Rifle
Let's consider the rifle first. As previously mentioned, many sports stores and hunting sites on the Internet are offering such things as a gun cradle/rest for zeroing in your firearm. One example of such a product is the Caldwell Lead Sled. Hunters say that it helps in keeping the shoulder in good shape after a day of shooting at the range. Remember, there can be great recoil when you shoot that rifle and the butt slams up against the shoulder. The Lead Sled minimizes felt-recoil tremendously. Without this device you could have one sore shoulder at the end of the day. A sore shoulder can provide somewhat of a negative experience to your hunt, especially if you are a first timer.

Your shooting can be improved if you use a good rifle scope. An example is the Burris Fullfield II Rifle Scope. The scope can provide the advantage of a good pair of binoculars when you are actually in the process of shooting.

Electronics--Communications and Location

Garmin Rhino 530
Waterproof FRS/GMRS radio plus GPS navigator packs a powerful 5 watts of transmit power along with a brilliant color display, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, barometric altimeter, electronic compass and built-in NOAA weather radio.

There are a number of electronics products you may want to consider bringing along to permit better communications with friends who may be with you on the hunt and give you the capability of knowing exactly where you are to avoid getting lost.

A two-way radio is great to stay in touch with friends on the hunt who may be set up in another location in the woods. It also gives you an opportunity to coordinate your movements with your buddies and provide a whole lot of information as to the location of the game you seek.

Portable GPS devices are also essential. If you have a reliable device, you know exactly where you are so chances of getting lost are limited. Moreover, it may help you in tracking the game you seek.

Storage Concerns
No doubt when you go out on a hunt you have an awful lot of things you need to carry. Some are small and somewhat cumbersome unless you have something in which you can put them. Don't forget, for example, that you probably will have a few sandwiches and other stuff to eat, and you will have to figure out a way to carry the cartridges for your rifle in a place where you can get to them quickly and easily.

Maybe a shooting vest is something you will want to consider. It keeps you protected from the climate, and it provides pockets where you can store your cartridges.

There are also gear bags [Cocoon Solutions ATV Bags]. Many of these bags are offered in a variety of sizes so that you can get the proper one for the amount of gear you happen to take with you on a hunt.

Also, since you are using an ATV or UTV to get around, you can also take advantage of storage products that are designed to be used on these machines. For example, there are cargo boxes, hood racks, gun holders and racks, bow grips, and drop baskets designed to be mounted on the rear of an ATV.

ATV protective cover
ATV Protective Cover

Other ATV Accessories

You will want to be certain that when you leave, your ATV it is well protected from the elements. Many sports stores, ATV dealers, and Internet sites offer all sorts of accessories that assure this. Park your ATV in the woods and then cover it with an outdoor cover. Many of these covers are made of heavy duty coated nylon material with maximum water resistance, and they also have the ability to repel water and protect against ultraviolet sunlight. Some of these covers also have a storage bag included so that you can stow away whatever.

The ride in those woods can be bumpy so you may want to equip your ATV with a frame and top. Many of the frame and tops are made of all aircraft aluminum and include a shatterproof folding windshield for protection from rain, wind and cold. They also have some form of ventilation so you keep somewhat cool in the ATV during the summer hunts. There are also side enclosures. Many are made of 400-denier, waterproof nylon, and these side enclosures can roll up or can be removed altogether for easy storage when you find that you don't need them. These enclosures also include shooting windows, shooting rests and storage compartments. So, in effect, your ATV can serve as a hunting blind.

The Weird

How about some kind of anti-scent formula or clothing? Believe it or not, there is clothing that features activated charcoal that adsorbs your scent. Two very popular brands of scent-blocking clothing are Scent-Lok and Scent Blocker. There are also scads of anti-scent formulas.

Do you want the game you seek to come to you? How about using decoys and calls to entice the game? There are calls for turkeys, ducks, deer, elk, and predators. Also, there are decoys for ducks, geese, turkey and deer.
So, aforementioned are a few ideas that might keep you in the hunting store or on line with a particular hunting site for a little longer than you may have anticipated. In the long run, however, being fully stocked with what you need will make the hunt that much more fun.


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