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By: Tim Donaldson

Fisher's ATV World

“In His Own Words” - Up Close & Personal with Brian Fisher of Fisher’s ATV World

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Brian's new ride & trailer - Look for it out on the road!
Brian's new ride & trailer - Look for it out on the road!

ATVSource: Where do you see the sport of ATVing in the next one year?  Five years.
Brian: ATVs have come a long way with bigger and better technology introduced each year! The new “side by side” trends are getting more people involved with our recreation than ever before. As the number of people that are enjoying our sport rise, so will the number of places to ride if we all stick together and do the right thing. Some of the “right” things is to keep our noise levels to a minimum, ride ON the trail that is there--not off, wearing your protective riding gear, keep kids on the appropriate-size ATVs, don’t drink and drive your ATV, stay off private property unless you have permission, etc. One negligent ATV rider makes it bad for the rest of our ATV Community. I believe there is power in numbers, and we can make a difference. So I guess it’s up to us of where we’ll be in the next five years. I’d like to see ATVing keep growing. It’s a great release of life’s everyday pressures and a great way to recreate with your family and friends to enjoy the outdoors!

ATVSource: What do you like best about having a television show?
Brian: Traveling the world and riding in places you could only dream of. Now that’s COOL!

ATVSource: What do you like least?
Brian: Nothing really. Maybe being away from my family and pulling all of the sponsorships together each year.

ATVSource: If you had to do it over again, would you do anything differently?
Brian: No. I think life is a journey and I don’t ever want to “arrive” because then you have nothing to reach for. Everything we went through to get to this point in our life was a lesson learned to help us with the rest of our life.

ATVSource: What are your long term goals for the show?
Brian: I guess my long term goal for the show would be to make everyone want to get out and ride! We want to create a positive image for our sport and hopefully, someday, become the “Bill Jordan” of our industry. The show is a tool to show people where they can ride and it also creates awareness of safety concerns. It’s cool when we get emails and letters from kids that tell us their parents or grandparents went out and bought them a helmet because they see everyone on our show wearing helmets. Again, that positive reinforcement without jamming it down everyone’s throat goes a long way!

First three ATVs bought & shold from front yard!
First three ATVs bought & shold from front yard!

ATVSource: I know interacting with the viewers is important to you.  How is that best achieved?
Brian: I try to be myself both on and off the camera. Just the guy next door that likes to go riding, I’m taking you all along for a new place to ride each week on the show. We try to get out to as many ATV events as we can to meet up with people, shake their hands or share a hug, and listen to their ATV stories. I get lots of e-mails through our website, and we try to answer each and every one. We get a ton of emails from our viewers that want to go riding with me and my crew.  Something new we’ll be doing this year is holding our own event, Fisher’s ATV Reunion, in Gilbert, West Virginia from June 20th through June 22nd. We’ve got a lot of great things planned for this weekend and hope you can come hang out and ride the Hatfield & McCoy Trails with us! Check out our website for more information.

ATVSource: Is there a most memorable moment from the show?
Brian: I would have to say one of my most memorable moments from the show was when I got to take my dad, who is 90 years-old, on a turkey hunt in Northern Pennsylvania. My dad was a game warden for over 28 years and truly loved fishing, trapping, and hunting turkeys. Now, I know many of you might be thinking that he’s a little old to be my dad but actually he is my grandfather. My mom died in a car accident when I was 10 months old so my grandmother and grandfather raised me and I call them Dad and Mom because that’s what they were to me.  My Dad served a few years in the Army and then went on to make a living at Caterpillar in York, PA. He is the most honest and trustworthy person I know.   He thought his hunting days were over when he was put in a wheel chair, so this trip was a total surprise to him. We got to show first hand how the side by side’s are helping people with disabilities get out and enjoy the outdoors. And as for Dad, he got to whack one more turkey and spend some quality time with our family! What an awesome trip!

ATVSource: What is your favorite trail or type of riding (sport, mud, rocks, dunes, etc.)?
Brian:  My favorite riding would have to be some challenging technical riding combined with a few trails that have awesome scenery! I’m more of a utility ATV rider than a sport rider. I do like riding sport quads when I’m at a track, but for climbing over rocks and logs and doing some trail riding, I really prefer a utility ATV with independent rear suspension! That’s the hook up!

ATVSource: Anything you wish sharing that your audience may be surprised to know about you guys?
Brian: Something our audience might find surprising is that we (Brian & Melissa) have no formal training/education in what we are doing. We just found a way to make a living doing what we love!

ATVSource: What do you think separates Fisher’s ATV World from the “other guys”?
Brian: I guess what separates Fisher’s ATV World from “the other guys” is the personal connection with me as the host combined with our “reality based” format. I’m just your trail-riding buddy that’s taking you to lots of places you can ride and have the same experiences I do. It’s about building the dream of where you can go and what you can do when it’s just you and the open trail……

We try to keep the show entertaining along with setting standards for our industry. I guess in the end, we’re looking to create an “image” or “personality” that represents the ATV Industry in a positive way–again kind of like “Bill Jordan” with Realtree Outdoors. Riding ATVs has really become a family recreation, and that’s what we try to promote. We want to ensure that the next generations to come will be able to enjoy the same things we do!

The Fisher's February 2008
The Fisher's February 2008

ATVSource would like to thank Brian for taking the time to give us an inside look at what it takes to make it all happen! Currently, Fisher’s ATV World has been airing exclusively on The Outdoor Channel, beginning in January 2008 with the release of 26 original episodes (3 airs/week). The Outdoor Channel caters to 30+ million households of outdoor enthusiasts.

Supplementing the traditional show features, Fisher’s ATV will launch a new show called Fisher’s ATV Adventures. The extra show format will feature the same “Keepin’ it Real” style with which fans are familiar yet will place more emphasis on adventures, travel destinations, industry tips, trends with industry leaders, plus “behind the scenes” factory tours. Fisher’s ATV Adventures will debut in July 2008, exclusively on Versus.

For more information about Fisher’s ATV and the upcoming Fisher’s ATV Reunion on June 20-22, please visit their website at

Photo's provided by Fisher's ATV World

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