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By: Robert Janis

Tire Balls

Traction, Acceleration Enhanced With Tire Balls

It is no secret for anyone who races ATVs or motorcycles that traction and acceleration are important elements that lead to victory or defeat. Obviously, the more traction and the greater amount of acceleration you have give you a very good possibility that you’re going to win.

That is the premise behind Tire Balls, a product manufactured by The Tire Ball Company of Crestwood, Kentucky.

According to Brock Jamison, International Sales Manager for The Tire Ball Company, Tire Balls are individual air-inflated cells that are made of lightweight polymer which has 10 times more puncture resistance than a heavy duty tube.

The Product

Wade Summers, a motorcycle enthusiast and engineer, invented the product in the late 1990s when his son, Scott Summers, nine-time national champion, needed something that would provide a flat-proof solution that would also use air pressure. Tire Balls include a valve similar to a basketball or football that is used to inflate it using a standard needle.

“Tire Balls will increase your vehicle’s traction by allowing you to run on lower air pressure increasing the tire’s contact patch,” said Jamison. “More of the tread on the ground results in a wide traction footprint enabling you to break faster and accelerate quicker. The other major advantage is you will eliminate rim to ground contact through the unique increase in air pressure caused by the Tire Balls. Running lower pressure will no longer result in great traction at the expense of bent rims and cut sidewalls ruining your ride.”

In addition, Tire Balls enhances the suspension of the ATV because it eliminates air transfer away from the contact patch, explained Jamison. “Tire Balls do not expand upon impact of an obstacle and does not let air escape the contact area,” he said. “In a conventional tube or tubeless tire, air will move to the other side of the tire at impact because of the large volume. With Tire Ball’s individual air cells you will feel a very progressive increase in pressure resulting in a smoother, plusher ride. Scott Summers, the son of the inventor said, ‘The harder you hit something, the higher the pressure goes.’”

The Company

The Tire Ball Company was incorporated in May, 2003 and currently has eight employees. It manufactures only Tire Balls. The Pro Version or Heavy Duty Tire Balls are made for both ATVs and motorcycles. The product is covered by a one-year unconditional guarantee. If you puncture a Tire Ball cell during the first year of use, the company will replace it for free.

The product’s ATV line includes Tire Balls for virtually all youth, sports, utility ATV as well as UTV tire sizes. About 50 percent of the company’s total sales is attributed to the ATV market.

Tire Balls are sold at any Modern Tire or Tucker Rocky dealer. You can discover your local dealer by calling 1-877-847-3225. Dealers do not sell Tire Balls through the Internet. However, The Tire Ball Company sells product through its website:

The company uses racers to help promote the product. They also sponsor racers. “Our company is always looking for positive people who will represent and promote our products with class,” said Jamison. “Our program is open to all ages and skill levels from Beginners to Pro.”

Applicants for sponsorship need to provide a resume that includes contact information, prior year race results, race schedule for the upcoming season, and answers to these questions:

How do you plan to promote the product?
Why should The Tire Ball Company choose you for sponsorship?

Applications can be e-mailed to or mailed to:
The Tire Ball Company
6244 Old LaGrange Road, Suite 20
Crestwood, KY 40014

Currently The Tire Ball Company sponsors or supports more than 125 motorcycle and ATV riders, said Jamison.

The company also sponsors events and series including GNCC, the Mid-South Series, KY Hare Scramble Series, OXC Series, Texas Cross Country Series, Iowa ATV Hare Scramble Series, and Indiana XC Racing.

“It is important for us to support all of our current and potential customers,” said Jamison. “We try to have trackside installation and support available at most of the Series that we support. We also provide contingency programs and end of the year banquet certificates giving large discounts based on merit.”

ATV Racers sponsored by Tire Balls

Bill Ballance
Chris Borich
William Yokley
Chad Duvall
Matt Smiley
Greg Trew
Brad Page
Santo Derisi
Todd Knippenburg
Brandon Ballance
Johnny Gallagher
Bryan Cook
Chris Jenks
Andy Lagzdins
Jeremy Rice
James Wahl
Michael Houston
Rick Cecco
Traci Cecco
Stephanie Parton
Pete Stadtmueller
Derek Litterini
Fred Mudd
Mike Cafro
Wayne Matlock
Jathan Seale
Jathan Seale
Danny Prather
Gregory Lassaigne
Mike Penland
Kim Kuhnle
Jason Lewis
Tyler Lenig
Mark Rhodes
Will Cashion
Harlan Foley
Ryan Wuebbeling
Doug Henke
Bryan Hulsey
Marcus Gonzalez
Jeff Stoess
Sean Moore
Brandon Sommers
Ken Potter
Jason Gudde
Josh Cristofori
Jeff Brest
Jeff Pickens
Chris Bithell
Paul Rowlands
Jason Rowlands
Tony Melomo
Brian Schmid

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