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By CJ Rena Johnson

ASI Safety Training: Avoiding Tragedy and Possibly Even Death, One Class at a Time

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Start them out early with proper safety training.
Start them out early with proper safety training.
Different instructors also offer different types of classes such as those offered by one of the instructors I interviewed. He breaks his classes down into categories such as “Kids 6 and up,” “Private lessons,” “Families” and “Female only.” You can check with instructors in your local area to find out what is available for you and your family.

So, what can you do if you did not get a certificate with your ATV? You can contact the manufacturer, give them the identification number of your ATV and ask them if the certificate is still available. If the initial owner has not already used it, sometimes the manufacturer will still pay for the class.

Sometimes different dealers will offer classes for those who simply cannot afford to take the class as part of a community awareness event, and sometimes they will offer the course for potential customers who are thinking about buying an ATV.

If all else fails, you can always take the class for a minimal fee. The cost for these classes usually averages $125 for adults and $75 for children under the age of 16 years-old, much cheaper than even the most basic doctor visit after an accident!

So, please take advantage of this opportunity and learn all you can about being as safe as possible and avoiding tragedy at all costs! Then pass this information on to anyone who rides your ATV.

Do not let yourself or someone close to you become just another statistic that gives this sport a bad name. Let’s work together to make this a safer sport for everyone! Do not wait for others to do it. If YOU haven’t take a rider safety course, no matter how long you have been riding, please do your part to help this sport, by signing up at your nearest location. You will be sure to learn at least one new thing that just might save yours or your child’s life one day!

It is all of our responsibilities to make ATVing safer for everyone!

As always: Decide now to have an awesome and safe day!

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