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By: Robert Janis

Can-Am X-Team

A Q&A with Delton Bohlman Can-Am ATV Racing Team Manager

John Natalie

ATVSource recently had an opportunity to question Delton Bohlman, manager of the ATV racing team for Can-Am. Bohlman took that position in 2006 along with Mike Penland and Scott Kilby. He has been with BRP since 1996. His racing background gave him the contacts to develop the Can-Am racing program. His positions with BRP have ranged from product management and race management for Can-Am to helping start the Outlander racing program for GNCC in 2006. He was also involved in the development of the DS 450. He raced motocross on motorcycles for many years and continues today.

ATVSource: How long has Can-Am had a racing team?
Bohlman: Of course, there were the dirt bike teams in the 70s and 80s. As for ATVs, it was the GNCC program.

ATVSource: How do you create and develop a team?
Bohlman: At BRP we are passionate about our products, their performance, and our success on and off the track. So to develop a team we start by looking for those same attributes in our riders and teams.

ATVSource: What events will the Can-Am team be racing in for 2009?
Bohlman: GNCC, AMA/ATVA MX, WORCS, ITP Quadcross, Championship Mud Racing (CMR), Canadian National Championship.

ATVSource: What Can-Am ATVs will be raced?
Bohlman: Outlander 800s, 500s, Renegades, and DS 450s.

ATVSource: Why were those models chosen to race?
Bohlman: The Outlander and Renegades race in the CMR and the 4x4 Open and 4x4 Limited class for GNCC racing as well as WORCS, SCORE and BITD. We race the DS 450 in the GNCC, AMA/ATVA MX series, WORCS, ITP Quadcross. Anywhere there is a class, we will race it.

ATVSource: How do you recruit your racers?
Bohlman: We have been very lucky, I believe, to find the quality group of racers we have. We started paying much closer attention to the classes we wanted to compete in about four years prior to actually entering. We knew who were the veterans and who were the up and comers. The rest is just finding those attributes from the earlier question.

ATVSource: Do you use racers in the Can-Am R&D program?
Bohlman: There is a close relationship between our R&D department and the racers. They give us invaluable feedback after each race and you can always find someone from the factory at the races going over the machine and getting feedback that will improve our product.

ATVSource: Do racers go to events to promote Can-Am?
Bohlman: Yes, in the end that is why all OEM's race, it is for promotions and development. At each race we offer an autograph session at least once during the weekend, and fans can come out and meet and talk to the racers. Sometimes a dealer will hold an open house and request a racer to be present, if the schedule allows it; we always try and help out.

ATVSource: Do they also visit Can-Am dealers?
Bohlman: If the schedule allows, we encourage our dealer network to invite riders to open houses or local events.

ATVSource: Can a dealer request a racer appear at a special event at the dealership?
Bohlman: Always.

ATVSource: How would a dealer request a racer appearance?
Bohlman: Through his Can-Am district sales manager.

ATVSource: Are there ATVs under development now that will be used by the 2009 or the 2010 racing team?
Bohlman: Yes.

ATVSource: What ATV features exist due to the racing program?
Bohlman: The DS 450 X mx and DS 450 X xc are a perfect example of experience gained while racing. Also, Rotax is closely involved with the race teams and communicate on a daily basis with our race shop. It also sends people from Austria to several ATV races to gather information right at the track. That information is one of the reasons we have the most powerful engines in several classes of ATVs. Really, it is hard to point out one particular feature because we gather experiences from everywhere like our dealers, customers, racers, and even our other product lines like Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo. We constantly strive to improve our product year after year.

ATVSource: Do you have a website that promotes the team?
Bohlman: Yes.

ATVSource: What is the website address?
Bohlman: On it is also information on our contingency program and amateur racer support program. It is a great program for DS 450 racers and I encourage everyone to check it out at the Website.

ATVSource: How does a racer inquire about racing for Can-Am?
Bohlman: You can contact me at, for the time being. I will be making a change in my career as I move to the sales department. However, I will continue to manage the race program until we are able to find a replacement.

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