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By: Robert Janis

Avalon Trailways Corporation

Avalon Trailways Corporation Promotes ATV Recreation in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

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Working With Clubs and Outside Organizations

The AVTRAC assisted in the formation of the only local club in Newfoundland and also helped it out with a little financial support. They are also influential in helping the club get funds from the Canadian government. Noseworthy explained that a government program is offering a total of $25 million, and clubs throughout the country can apply for money from this fund and use it to develop trails. “The money is available to hiking clubs, ATV clubs, and snowmobile clubs on a one-third, one-third, one-third basis,” he said. “We are the contact for the program in the province. So, we helped the club develop proposals ;and we present the proposals to the National Trails Council on their behalf.”

AVTRAC also works closely with outside associations. It is a member of the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada, a consortium of 10 Province associations -- ATV/BC in British Columbia; the Saskatchewan ATV Association (SATVA); the Ontario ATV Association (OFATV); the Quebec ATV Association (FQCQ); the New Brunswick ATV Association (NBATV); the Prince Edward Island ATV Association (PEIATV); the ATV Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS); and the Avalon Trailways Corporation of Newfoundland (AVTRAC). Noseworthy is on the board of directors of the ATQCC, and he is also a member of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Council (NOHV) and the Newfoundland Trailway Council. He finds the club’s association with the ATQCC a great benefit. “I get a lot of information from them,” said Noseworthy. “Some of the clubs in Canada are very well organized. There is nothing that happens here in Newfoundland that hasn’t happened somewhere else in Canada. So, I can get great guidance, no matter the issue.”

Working the Provincial Government and Promoting ATV Recreation

According to Noseworthy, the most urgent issues facing ATV enthusiasts in Newfoundland and Labrador are education and safe operation of ATVs. “Our province is very rural,” he explained. “It is very hard to communicate the safety aspect of ATV recreation. That’s where our Ride Safe Campaign comes in. We go out to these small communities and do TV commercials when we have the funds, and we talk to people who get the word out. “

When influencing government actions, AVTRAC works with the various departments defined as the authority over ATV recreation by the ATV Act. It also works with the Newfoundland portion of the Trans Canada Trail.

AVTRAC works hard to assure that the trail is well maintained and does not cause problems for riders, citizens who live along the trail, or other people or groups. For example, people who live in homes along the trailway were experiencing dust problems. So, in partnership with the Newfoundland Trailways, members of the AVTRAC go to the trails and spray calcium and calcium chloride and, if necessary, lay re-cycled asphalt over the surface of the trail to alleviate the problem.

The organization also promotes ATV recreation by organizing rides. “We use magazines, radio ads, and word of mouth to promote the rides,” said Noseworthy. “We also alert the people in our database about the rides.”

The rides are usually fund-raising events. For example, the group sponsors “The Fund for Families’ Ride” which raises money for families of children who have to leave home for medical emergencies. The money raised pays for the families’ travel expenses. The group also sponsors a ride every year that raises funds for a local hospital.

The organization has a website which is a work in progress ( Visitors to the site can find ATV rules and regulations and maps of the trailway.

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