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By: Tim Donaldson

Hatfield-McCoy Trails – Indian Ridge

Hatfield-McCoy Trails – Indian Ridge
(Part of’s Feature Coverage of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails)


As we all know, the pace of life in today’s world is hectic and chaotic. Almost every breathing moment of our existence has been further entwined by new advancements in communications technology. With cell phones, computers, and cell phones with computers–we can stay “connected” 24/7. However, it seems like we have really become disconnected, especially with our families. Kids do not audibly speak, but they communicate via portable electronic devices in a texting language that is barely interpretable to anyone over 30 years-old. Even if those of us who are “texting illiterate” wanted to get in on the action, it would take 15 minutes to just punch in “TTFN”–as our kids rush off to school or some other activity. So, we don’t even try, because we are pressed to complete our own multitude of activities. Anyhow, the boss is calling wanting to know if that report is finished.

Can you relate? The point is that our lives are infused with all kinds of anxiety-induced stresses, and sometimes, it’s nice to just get away and turn things off. For ATV enthusiasts, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails’ Indian Ridge Trail System is a great place to escape from the flurry of endless disorder that has filled today’s busy lifestyles. Situated near the communities of Northfork and Keystone, West Virginia, the Indian Ridge Trail System is the newest and southernmost trail system of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails. Deep in the heart of West Virginia coal-mining country, this destination offers visitors the feeling of remote isolation while providing all the local amenities necessary for a peaceful, relaxing trip.

The Indian Ridge Trail System boasts approximately 75 miles of trails. As with all of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, the trails at Indian Ridge are clearly marked and indicate the relative difficulty of each section. Trail breakdowns are 30% green trails (easiest), 41% blue (more difficult), 20% black (most difficult), 1% red/black (extreme difficult), and 9% orange (single track). With unique topography, this trail system offers a wide variety of riding difficulties to suit individual preferences.  Along with steep hills and variable terrain, Indian Ridge has a large, hilltop plateau that is unique to all of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails and yields plenty of scenic overlooks. It is also common to see deer, wild turkey, black bear, and a host of other wildlife while out on the trails at Indian Ridge.

One of the attractions of the Indian Ridge Trail System is the Ashland Company Store. Many years ago, the Ashland area was developed by a coal-mining company for their employees and served the area by providing the basic necessities of the community.  What a deal–for the coal company! The company would pay employees, and then open a store so employees could spend their money.  In effect, employees returned all their money back to the company! When the coal company left or closed for whatever reason, the remaining community was left impoverished. Today, the company store houses historic pictures and artifacts from the era and has a great café which is conveniently located near the trailhead. While striving to build a world-class trail system, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails also serve as a tool to bring tourism to areas such as Ashland and Northfork and restore economic vitality.

When one is done riding the trails, the Ashland Resort serves as a great retreat for the day. Providing lodges, cabins, RV and camp sites, camp store, and a whole lot more–the Ashland Resort lets ATVers “rough it” without having it so rough. While they do offer wireless internet access, you may want to remain disconnected on the trip. With direct access to the Indian Ridge Trail System, the Ashland Resort Camp Store sells Hatfield-McCoy Trail permits. For 2009, Hatfield-McCoy Trail permits are $26.50 (WV residents) and $50.00 (non-WV residents) and are good for all of 2009, allowing entry onto each of Hatfield McCoy’s Trail Systems. That’s access to 500+ miles of trails!


As we have discovered from each trail system that makes up the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, each trail system has something unique and special to offer.  So, if you’re looking to get away from the daily rat race, try out Hatfield-McCoy’s Indian Ridge Trail System.

Stay tuned to, as we continue our in-depth coverage of the individual trail systems that make up the Hatfield-McCoy Trails!

For more information about the Indian Ridge Trail System and the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, visit Visit for more information about the Ashland Resort.

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