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By: Robert Janis

All Terrain Quad Council of Canada

Provincial Federations Share Experiences through the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada

As individuals growing up, we all learn by experience or trial and error. However, as we get older and the decisions we make are more crucial to us and also involves others, then it is wise to seek advice from people with experience.

You could say that is the premise of the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC), a group whose sole purpose is to provide a resource for the seven provincial ATV federations that consists its membership.

AQCC was formed by the seven provinces that had a Provincial ATV rider federation in 2004. That included British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland-Labrador.

Today all 10 provinces are AQCC members and AQCC is a member of the National Off-Highway Conservation Council (NOHVCC) in the U.S., which expands the group’s resource base. “The provincial rider federation is the member and each member appoints a proxy from their federation to attend meetings, act on and vote for issues of concern to ATV riders at meetings whether electronic or face-to-face,” explained Ray Gouthro, president of AQCC. “In addition, the proxies are appointed to the AQCC Board of Directors.” About seven meetings are held each year via conference call with an annual general meeting in September. The annual meeting is held in a different province each year. The 2009 conference will be held in Quebec.

“As an infant, we are in the process of developing, but it is our goal to represent the ATV rider with the federal government, manufacturing interests, other recreational motorized groups, and trail stakeholders of all descriptions,” said Gouthro.

With that in mind, the group is partnering with such organizations as the Canadian Off-Highway Distributors Council (COHV), the Motorcycle Council of Canada (MCC), and the government of Nova Scotia in a health and fitness study with a leading Canadian university. “It is our intention to dispel the myth that there is no health or fitness value to ATV riding,” said Gouthro. “The study is anticipated to be complete by November, 2009.

The organization is also involved in spreading programs that have worked on the provincial level to the national level. For example, it is currently standardizing safety throughout Canada. According to Gouthro, the most urgent issue confronting ATV riders in Canada is safety. “We have a committee doing a study that should improve safety nationally. The committee’s work should be complete by November, 2009,” he said.

In addition, a committee of the organization is developing a five-year plan. “It would be premature to second guess their proposals. However, we will continue to share resources and support each of the provincial federations,” said Gouthro.

The organization has a website ( Although it is going through some major upgrading, it still provides a resource for provincial riders who are members of each of the federations,” said Gouthro. The site includes information about AQCC as well as information on safety issues including what safety courses are available, specific information on the ATV/Quad Instructors Courses, and standards for instructor certification.

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