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By: Robert Janis

New Brunswick ATV Federation

New Brunswick ATV Federation Lobbies Provincial Government On Behalf of Local Clubs

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A Grass Roots Foundation

The NBATVF educates and motivates its members through newsletters, press releases that make their way into local newspapers, brochures ,and its website ( It also has people who attend events throughout the province and speak on law enforcement, environmental and safety issues. For example, said Poirier, the federation has worked with the Canadian National Railway on what areas are allowed and not allowed for safe operation of an ATV near a railway.

“The clubs are the ones doing the grunt work,” said Poirier. “They maintain the trails; they go out and recruit the members. The federation is dedicated to presenting the members’ agenda to the provincial government.”

Of course, the federation helps in the creation of local clubs. When a group of people want to form a club ,they work with one of 16 federation regional directors who represents the members of the region in which the club is being formed. A territory is carved out for the club, and an application is filled out and passed on to the federation’s board of directors. Once accepted as a club, the federation assists the group in doing all the things necessary to become a club--develop bylaws, create a bank account, organize an infrastructure, etc. It also provides the club with a manual that describes how to operate a club.

The organization also works with existing clubs and helps them develop trails. “The clubs can approach private land owners concerning riding on private land,” said Poirier. “The federation helps clubs with access to public land.”

A club has to submit an application to gain access to public land. The application must include GPS information concerning routes and more. The federation has a Trail Coordinator who assists clubs with these applications. “He makes certain that the applications are filled out properly, and he provides knowledge and tools to help the clubs with their GPS work,” continued Poirier. “He makes a map for the club based on the GPS information that is included with the application. Once the application is ready, it is the Trail Coordinator who submits it to the government and then works with the government in its coordination.”

Although most rides are organized by the local clubs themselves, the federation helps promote those events through press releases and on its website. Clubs who wish to have one of their scheduled events sponsored by the federation provide an application to the federation, and the board of directors reviews it to decide if the event will be sponsored. According to Poirier, the event must satisfy certain criteria to be accepted for sponsorship.

The federation sponsors up to three events per year--a winter event, a summer event , and a fall event.

The New Brunswick ATV Federation has 8,800 members. There is a membership fee of $10, and memberships are sold in three or four season passes. Benefits to members include a $3,000 insurance policy covering injury. The policy doesn’t only apply to when the member is riding an ATV. It also applies to injuries that occur on the job. Members can also get personal ATV insurance for a discount.

Finally, the federation has its own website ( The site provides information about the NBATVF as well as news that concerns the New Brunswick ATV community, articles concerning ATV recreation published in local newspapers, statistics, strategic development plan, membership information, the federation’s bylaws, maps, links to other groups, contact information on officials of the organization, and information on safety courses.

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