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By: Robert Janis


DWT -- A Manufacturer Who Re-invents the Wheel Every Day

ATV and UTV racers are always concerned about the products they put on their machines. They obviously want products that are made by top notch manufacturers. However, they also want those manufacturers to have an understanding of racing. They want the products to offer the little bit more that is the difference between winning and losing.

ATV and UTV racers who buy wheels from DWT can be assured of getting a well-manufactured product made by people who have the racing experience.

The company originally was formed as Douglas Wheel in 1991. Founder Douglas Henline was a world champion slot car racer who manufactured karts that he raced himself.

Now called DWT, the company was reformed in 2006 to provide more of a global footprint. “Our company makes wheels for all the side-by-side racing machines, trophy karts, and smaller buggy classes,” explained Scott Gordinier, sales manager for DWT. “Most of our employees race in some form of off-road class ATV or dirt track venues. We are always looking for an edge over the competition. We are involved in so many types of racing Douglas just about reinvents the wheel every day.”

Gordinier noted that DWT offers a wide variety of products in the ATV category. “In ATV this year alone our “Champion in a Box” products have reached the podium in 18 out of 19 events,” he said. “The UTV cast wheels and the new Diablo cast wheel has won races in 2009.” The Diablo beadlock will be introduced into the market at the end of August.

Gordinier was not reluctant to push DWT’s newest products. “The big news from here is the new line up of DWT ATV MX and the new 12-inch Doonz tire lines,” he said. The MX tires have been heavily track tested and took first place at its debut event in Blargies, France.  DWT MX tires have also finished third at the Glen Helen Quad Cross Race, and our DOONZ sand tire has done very well in early testing at Glamis.

Products are constructed in-house. The company has a lab where it performs side-load, impact, and hydro testing. “The ultimate test for us is on the race track. We usually send an engineer with a rider or driver to the track,” said Gordinier.

New products are not slammed through production. The company starts with a concept, does drawings, and builds samples. The samples are then tested in the lab and on the track. Once all elements involved with the product sign off on it, only then does it go into production.

DWT uses four different materials and processes to construct its wheels. This is to assure that the wheels it sells are specifically designed and manufactured to a particular application. The wheel types are called Alumilite, Litecast, MagTech and Q Plus. “Alumilite is the name for all the spun products we make. Most of it is 6061 aluminum heat treated,” said Gordinier. “The Litecast uses cast aluminum or magnesium depending on whether it is for an ATV, a UTV, or a kart.”

Gordinier pointed out that DWT sells its products in a variety of ways. For example, it has offices in Milan, Italy; Indianapolis, Indiana; Vista, California; and China. Moreover, it does original equipment work for such companies as KTM. It also has a very loyal dealer network and some large distributors.

The company uses racers to both assist in production and promotion. It sponsors racers in a variety of categories including ATV, UTV, kart, and sprint car. Selection depends on what the rider/driver can offer DWT as well as their performance on the track.

Racers who are seeking sponsorship are encouraged to mail their resume to:

DWT Racing
Attn: Sponsorship Request
1340 N. Melrose Drive
Vista, California  92083

DWT has sponsored racers who have competed in the Baja series and the ultimate ATV marathon Pont de Vaux. “The DWT brand is atop more podiums at major ATV and karting championships worldwide than any other wheel,” said Gordinier. “Also, with constant new product development we continue to set our sights on new racing disciplines as we move into the future.”

The company has a website: The site provides an overview of everything the company makes.

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