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By: ATV Source
Video By: ATV Source
Photos By: ATV Source & Kinny Jones

2009 KTM 450 and 505 SX, Two Stellar "Ready To Race" ATVs

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Chase Cunningham, a Media Allstars Team Rider and 2008 GNC 25+ champion, and a GNC A class (top 5) front runner.
Chase Cunningham
Putting that power to the turf are motocross-specific 20x6-10 front and 18x10-8 Maxxis Razr soft-comp tires wrapped around Douglas Wheel Technology aluminum rims with rear bead lock and 8-inch design specifically for MX applications. Like the brakes, these powder-coated wheels were designed exclusively for KTM.

Extra wide serrated pegs and stock heel guards provide excellent stability with angled outside edges are complimented by standard bolt on nerf bars. Just like with the XC, KTM is back with their adjustable aluminum steering stem and handlebar clamps (4 positions). An optional Öhlins Steering Stabilizer can be mounted on the bottom of the steering stem (standard built in steering stabilizer mount). The steering stem is also10mm taller than XC model.

The fuel tank holds 2.7 gallons and is ergonomically designed for racing (no reserve option) with a quick release ¼ turn fuel cap.

The XCs

For those who wonder, yes, the shootout dominating KTM 450 XC and 525 XC models return for 2009 (their second model year) with several key updates as well. Among these includes a thumb throttle turned forward 10° for improved ergonomics, a redesigned seat cover for optimal comfort and feel, and some slick suspension upgrades. The Öhlins suspension receives 13 updates, including new valving and increased shaft travel front and rear. The end result is improved cornering and suspension action, a .5-inch lower ride height. Changes result in 12mm more shaft travel up front at same extended length as previous version. New rear components result in 3mm more shaft travel. The overall front wheel width of the XC series is 44 inches, the SXs have been punched out to an impressive 49.8 inch width.

MSRP on these beauties isn’t for the faint of heart: $11,398 for the 450 SX, $11,698 for the 505 SX, $10,698 for the 450 XC and $10,998 for the 525 XC.

The Test Ride
We started this report by telling you that we had a chance to flog these machines at Red Bud and after drooling over the tantalizing walk around, our test rider, Chase Cunningham, a Media Allstars Team Rider and 2008 GNC 25+ champion, and a GNC A class (top 5) front runner was set free to swing a leg over the new KTM SXs and sling some roost. What did he have to say?

Chase Cunningham, a Media Allstars Team Rider and 2008 GNC 25+ champion, and a GNC A class (top 5) front runner.
Chase Cunningham
We spent our saddle-time on board the 505cc engine configuration SX and came away quite thoroughly convinced that in bone stock trim, this mill is simply stronger than any other stock race-intended ATV circulating tracks today. One test rider, who campaigns a highly modified Suzuki LTR450, reports that there were sections on the Red Bud National track where the bone stock 505 was pulling every bit as hard as his race-prepped machine. In fact, he went on to conclude that there wasn’t a single section of track where he didn’t feel confident in the meaty power-band’s ability to attack and clear.

“If I wanted to lift the front end to skip through deep sand whoops, the power was right there,” he commented.  “I only left 3rd gear when I was going down the longest straight.  In the corners I just punched it and let the ample bottom-end grunt rail me around the berms.”

Additionally, he reports having felt confident enough to jump every jump on the track by the 2nd lap on the machine, and attributes this fact to the potent punch of the 505.

“The motor just shined on the technical nature of the Red Bud Night Track which, due to its tight technical nature, is more like an outdoor supercross track than anything else.”

Indeed on even the fastest straights and tightest corners, there was little reason to leave 3rd gear.  The KTM 505 is a machine that lugs down low and builds steady revs right across the middle of the gear until you enter the top-end, which howls at the moon.

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