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By: ATV Source
Video By: ATV Source
Photos By: ATV Source & Kinny Jones

2009 KTM 450 and 505 SX, Two Stellar "Ready To Race" ATVs

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Hunter Miller during the Industry Race.
Hunter Miller during the Industry Race.
“I’d just feather the hydraulic clutch a little in the tight corners and off I’d go like a rocket even in gears taller than I thought I could get away with,” was our test rider’s conclusion. “I really noticed the motor’s abundant torque when coming out of the left- hand corner before the whoops. I could just sit back on the quad and pull the front end up to wheelie through the short choppy sand whoops.”

KTM’s figures claim 52 hp on the stock 505; and after a day in the saddle, we think they’re not exaggerating.

“In fact,” our test rider added, “the potent bottom end makes it feels like more than that, and that’s saying something for a stock machine!  Considering I have $2k into my Suzuki motor for it to put out 55 hp, 52 for a stock machine is pretty darned impressive.”


Like the power output, the suspension components and set up on this machine are just incredible for a stock bike. Until now the general consensus has been that the only stock ATV even considerable to race on a pro/am level with showroom-stock shocks was the LTR450. Note the words until now.

The KTM SX series is in a whole different league when it comes to the concept of what’s possible with a stock suspension.

“I never touched my suspension settings on the test unit, and it really surprised me as to how well it worked. The first time I attempted the step down triple on the National track (Saturday morning) I came up a little short, and the only thing that was going through my mind was how bad the impact upon landing was going to jar me. However, to my surprise and relief, the rear shock soaked it up just like you would expect from a good aftermarket system!”

Even in the rough (and we mean rough) conditions at Red Bud, the stock suspension layout (and settings) felt good enough to blast through sections riddled with braking and acceleration bumps.

Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller
“Sure, it bounced a little bit in the chop, but let’s remember these are stock shocks and factory settings,” our test rider exclaimed. “I was really amazed with how the suspension worked right out of the box.”

We didn’t take it easy either, our test riders were told to try and ride the wheels off this thing in an effort to ascertain its true strengths and limitations.

“I hit everything hard and fast to see if the bike would slow me down, but it didn’t.  If anything, it made me push even harder to see what it was really capable of.”

Red Bud contains a set of sand whoops that is easily 100 yards long and onboard the KTM 505SX we were able to get the front end up and skim the entire length of the section, a feat that only highly modified ATVs were capable of duplicating.

“Each lap I went through that section a little faster, and it just kept getting smoother. The quad steers really well, too, for a stock machine.”

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