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By: CJ Rena Johnson and Tim Donaldson

2009 Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 Sport
It Will Get Under Your Skin!

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While the performance of the Teryx may be compared to that of a finely tuned sports car, the convenience and comfort amenities which are available would prove analogous to a luxury, sport utility vehicle. Ergonomically, there is plenty of shoulder and leg room for both driver and passenger. The steering wheel is positioned low for optimum control while driving, and the form-fitting bucket seats and three-point seatbelts keep occupants firmly in place for aggressive sport maneuvering.

The Multi-Function Digital Meter, included on all 2009 Teryx models, keeps all pertinent information readily available for the driver. Message indicators on the digital LCD display include fuel gauge, speedometer, clock, dual trip meters, 4WD, water temperature and fuel injection warnings, CVT belt and oil pressure warnings, and park, neutral, reverse indicators. With a 7.4 gallon fuel tank, there is plenty of range available for vast explorations, and the Teryx is compact enough to fit in the bed of most full-size pickup trucks.

Providing functional versatility, the cargo bed offers a 500-pound capacity with tie-down hooks on each corner with a standard cargo net. Gas-assisted tilting cargo beds are now standard on all Teryx models. Mud guards, designed with an improved shape, along with higher located battery reduce mud and water from entering the electronics and fuel tank areas. The body work of the Teryx is made of high-gloss, scratch-resistant, Thermo-Plastic Olefin which makes cleaning the finish simple and that new-image look lasting longer.

The Bottom Line

My love at first sight was completely rekindled even as I climbed into the passenger’s seat of the new 2009 Teryx FI 4x4 Sport at the Kawasaki Press Event near Phoenix Arizona.  I rode a Teryx for the first time at the Dealer event in Texas two months earlier and was very excited to get to test one out on a much more rugged course in the Boulder OHV Park.

I was most impressed with the way this monster took on the mountains. I would never have attempted to climb some of the hills we went up on any of the quads I currently own. But this modern- age dinosaur took them on without as much as a single hesitation.

Once I climbed into the driver’s seat, my love grew even stronger. On my earlier and much shorter test ride in Texas, I recognized it would have taken me a few more laps to get the hang of the handling, especially in the curves, but the ride in Arizona made short work of that challenge. In no time at all, I felt like I had been on a Teryx all my life.

I was pleasantly surprised by the stability at higher speeds as well. Even when reaching speeds of up to 40mph and in loose gravel, the Teryx seemed to hold its own quite well. The bucket seats were quite comfortable even in that rocky terrain and the three-point seatbelts added an extra sense of security.

If I could change one thing about the Teryx, I would make the glove box just a bit larger, but that is only due to the excessive photographic equipment I like to have handy at any given moment. I am really looking forward to bringing one of these toys home for myself.    - CJ Rena Johnson

If one word could be used to describe the new 2009 Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 Sport, it would be “impressive” and “exhilarating.” Wait, that’s two words. Well, that’s the thing about this machine.  It just has so much to offer that it cannot be expressed in one word, and the illustrative monikers could go on and on. Those taking a look at 2009 Teryx Sport for the first time will almost certainly recognize the aggressive styling of the machine, and in the case of the Teryx, performance is not just skin deep.

First, drivers will immediately notice the crisp, startup ability after turning the key. Then, a quick foot stomp on the gas pedal will send an inrush of instantaneous power to the wheels. Thanks to Kawasaki’s implementation of fuel injected and improved air delivery systems, the Teryx supplies all kinds of power at all RPM ranges. Although, being coupled to 749cc V-twin engine has a little to do with that, too.

Once out of the gate, the Teryx was quite nimble on its feet. Turning and cornering was precise and responsive. The tire design left the right amount of traction so that we could controllably slide around the turns at higher rates of speed. Given the rough terrain that we presented to the Teryx, it soaked them up with ease. Even though we noticed a little bounce in some cases, other riders informed us that a few minor tweaks to the preload-adjustable suspension left them satisfied.

Every obstacle that we encountered was tackled with confidence. Steep, off-camber slopes were ridden confidently, and the machine proved to be very stable with little sway–providing a solid, secure feel. Most impressively, the Teryx made short work of climbing and descending very steep grades.  Seamlessly dropping the transmission into low range and switching to 4WD, coupled with the holding power of the Kawasaki Engine Brake and occasional application of the brakes, the Teryx imparted a controllable descent speed and restraining grip that would have made Spiderman proud.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with 2009 Kawasaki Teryx Sport model.--especially with having the opportunity to add from the available Kawasaki Performance Accessories to make the Teryx better, it would take many more hours of seat time to find fault with this machine. However, at 58.7-inches wide, this unit would ultimately be too wide for some of my local riding areas on federal lands which are restricted to 50-inch widths. Though possibly an isolated case, the width of the machine is part of what makes it such an excellent machine, so I wouldn’t change a thing. Besides, future marketing trends of ORV users may have a positive influence on restrictive laws. You think?   – Tim Donaldson
As it may be easy to see why the 2009 Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 Sport will get under your skin, we don’t want you take our word for it, get out there and try one for yourself. Just stay away from the “Jumping” Cholla’s!  This is possibly one of the most exciting and innovative RUV’s in its class, so you won’t be disappointed!

For more information about the Teryx, visit or Kawasaki’s other products at

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