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New "Wiser Visor" Blocks Dangerous Glare While Giving Drivers A True View.
New Distortion Free Sun Shield Designed To Reduce Eye Strain and Increase Visibility.

Skunes Manufacturing(Arthur, North Dakota) - As drivers we have all been blinded by it at one time or another -- the morning sun from the east, the reflected glare of the mid-day sun, the setting sun in the west or the bright blast of oncoming high-beamed headlights. Unfortunately, most standard vehicle visors or add-on accessories on the market aren't sufficient enough to block the glare yet allow drivers to accurately see the road ahead.

Now a new automotive accessory makes is easier for drivers to protect themselves from glaring sunlight or headlights and get a true view of the road ahead. The Wiser Visor from Skunes Manufacturing blocks 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays and allows drivers to look through a distortion-free tinted shield for safer driving ability. The Wiser Visor is a hinged sun guard that attaches to a vehicle's visor and extends down as many as five inches. In addition to its distortion-free qualities, what makes the Wiser Visor different is its unique hinge system that allows side-to-side movement of the tinted shield. The Wiser Visor can glide back and forth almost a full foot beyond the vehicle's visor for wider glare protection across the windshield. The Wiser Visor's innovative ratchet system also keeps the shield from rattling out of place once a driver has set it to block the glare.

Wiser Visor is very effective in reducing the glare of snow or reflections off wet pavement during rainstorms.The Wiser Visor is also very effective in reducing the glare of snow or reflections off wet pavement during rainstorms. Because the Wiser Visor is designed with a lighter shade, it can be used to prevent night glare as well. It can be positioned to cover your rear view mirror to cut the glare of headlights from behind you, and can even be used to block the sometimes-blinding glare of bright, oncoming headlights.

"There are other visor extensions on the market, but none with such extensive movement to block so much glare," says Wiser Visor inventor Kevin Skunes. "The high-quality tinted shield also offers distortion-free clarity, giving drivers a safe, accurate view and perception of the road ahead."

Cleaning the Wiser Visor is as simple as a quick wipe with water and a soft cloth.

The Wiser Visor product line ranges in price from $18.95 - $24.95
and is available at: or by calling: 888.353.8567

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