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Predator 500 & Predator 500 Troy Lee Designs Edition
The Ultimate Combination of Power, Handling & Suspension

Polaris IndustriesSport quad riders who demand a machine that’s trail tough and track-ready have a tough choice for 2005. Do they ride the Predator 500 or the Predator 500 Troy Lee Designs Edition?

Both models have an improved suspension, deliver better acceleration and provide riders with a new ergonomics package for greater comfort and a better ride experience.

Both Predator 500s offer riders the added convenience of reverse and their ignition has been recalibrated to allow the powerful engine to rev higher and serve up quicker acceleration – exactly what aggressive riders are looking for on the trail or on the track.

Predator 500 Troy Lee DesignThe 2005 Troy Lee Edition is a true high-performance machine with factory-installed premium performance equipment. Just fire the engine and prepare to enjoy a new level of sport quad riding. The Troy Lee Designs model has new premium front and rear shocks, new high-performance radial tires and new gearing that dramatically improves roll-on acceleration.

An Award-Winning Combination
The award-winning Predator 500 earned its reputation as a world-class sport quad with its best-in-class combination of handling, suspension and power. Among sport quads, it is the toughest trail machine. It’s also ready to deliver the best on-track performance straight out of the box with its powerful engine, responsive steering, anti-dive and anti-squat suspension designs and tough premium features.

No other sport ATV offers such impressive integrated components that provide riders with a great experience on the trails and on the track.

The incredibly responsive handling is provided by the PRO (Polaris Rider Optimized) Steering System, which uses a Polaris-exclusive linkage to position the steering arms’ pivot point so bump steer is virtually eliminated. The Predator 500 tracks true and consistent in every trail or track situation, including turns, bumps and stutter sections. PRO steering lets a rider stay on the throttle and confidently stay in control rather than having to ease up.

The steering and sophisticated suspension complement one another. Anti-Dive Front Suspension minimizes dive and inside rear wheel lift when the machine is under braking in corners. As with the PRO steering, the front suspension’s performance allows a Predator 500 rider to stay on the gas in corners instead of backing off to let the quad resettle and hook up again.

The Anti-Squat Rear Suspension reduces front wheel lift during acceleration so power is used to propel the quad rather than for unintentional wheel lift.

The dual A-arm front suspension has rebuildable and revalvable FOX® gas shocks and 10 inches of travel. The rear suspension has 11 inches of travel and also has a rebuildable and revalvable adjustable FOX gas shock. The rear shock has twin clickers so rider can dial in his or her ride by choosing from among eight compression adjustment positions and 36 rebound positions.

Sophisticated? Yes, but the suspension is also built Polaris-tough, so it can endure anything the roughest trail or toughest track can dish out and still deliver outstanding performance.

Predator 500The third element comprising the Predator “Sweet Spot” is the power of the liquid-cooled Polaris 500 engine. It delivers outstanding acceleration and its broad powerband provides impressive top-end power. This liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine has dual overhead cams, 4 valves and a 42mm carburetor. It’s lightweight and it has a pulse fuel pump that provides a consistent fuel flow in all conditions.

For 2005, an increased rev limiter allows the engine to rev higher before the rider needs to shift the 5-gear transmission. This allows riders to tap into the Predator’s power and improved acceleration. Riders get a better feel for the machine’s power and can rev higher before changing gears.

The Predator 500 also has a new premium ratchet type shift mechanism that reduces shift effort, improves shift feel, increases durability and makes it easier to find neutral.

Handling, suspension and power. The Predator 500 offers an unbeatable combination of the three to provide riders with the most memorable sport quad riding experience.

New Ergonomics and Reverse
With its redesigned-for-2005 ergonomics, the Predator 500 provides riders with a more comfortable and natural-feeling riding position. The riding position has been improved through a seat redesign, relocation of the handlebars and extension of the steering post.

The seat has more foam padding and it has been reconfigured so riders are positioned farther back with the ability to slide ahead easily when riding aggressively. This works in concert with the 1-inch taller steering post, which positions the handlebars slightly closer to the rider. The result is a more relaxed and in-control riding position in all conditions as well as greater seat comfort for long, fun days on the trails.

Predator 500The Predator 500 also now has the convenience of reverse, making it easier to back out of garages and off trailers and easier to back away from obstacles.

Premium Predator 500 Features
For 2005 the Predator gets a new LED taillight that provides higher visibility and more durability than a standard taillight. The Predator 500 also has premium features such as stainless steel braided brake lines, a chromoly axle, Maxxis Razr PR tires and Douglas® aluminum rims with rolled-edge construction for impressive strength and durability.

Add it all up and riders get great value and it makes Predator the toughest, high-performance ATV on the trail or the track.

The 2005 Predator 500 is bright red with black and silver graphics.

Predator 500 Troy Lee Designs Edition
The 2005 Troy Lee Designs version of the Predator is loaded with premium performance equipment and has new gear ratios that improve roll-on acceleration. With the new gearing, riders do not need to downshift to get a sure burst of acceleration. That boost is there on-demand from the throttle because the machine is geared for maximum torque delivery.

The gears work in harmony with the ignition’s higher rev limit to unleash dramatically better acceleration from the 500 engine.

Predator 500 Troy Lee DesignThe Troy Lee Designs model also has aluminum shocks, front and rear, and the front shocks have remote reservoirs and compression adjustability so riders can really dial in the Predator’s ride and handling. Maxxis Razr radial tires are standard all around. These radials deliver a much-improved ride as they soak up bumps, yet they still deliver aggressive traction from their extreme lug pattern.

The combination of the new shocks, new tires and close ratio gears results in a distinctly different and more performance-oriented ride on the Predator 500 Troy Lee Designs edition.

This special edition quad features styling and graphics from Troy Lee Designs, whose namesake founder and owner is a long-time racer and performance rider known for his incredible paint jobs. The 2005 Predator 500 Troy Lee Designs edition is orange with black and silver trim.

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