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First Electric Legal Street Quad: Geo Country Quad

We are glad to present you the Worldwide Preview of the first electric Legal Street Quad: GEO COUNTRY QUAD.

Our technical and engineering Staff has profited by the long experience in the zero-emission sector, to develop a “eco-friendly” Quad, able to move anywhere respecting Environment, silent and without pollutions.

The final result is one “utility” Quad with a great versatility and reliability, ready to move safe on all kind of route and with excellent performances.

Geo Country Quad is built with the highest quality standards and customized with the latest technological solutions: last generation Best Motors electric engine, Curtis Processor to handle 4 kw power, Personal performance programming Software, Regenerative braking System and Maintenance-free Gel batteries with AGM technology.

Riders enjoy a comfortable seating on all situations thanks to front and rear independent suspension, a large Seat and a great ground clearance. Besides, a Multifunction LCD Display allow to keep under control the battery-level and other important information. Safety drive is assured on Geo Country by powerful brakes, a stain-less steel, generous and robust Chassis, an efficient programmable electric brake motor and an easy-use Emergency stop System.

Geo Country Quad performances are remarkable and surprising: programmed standard Speed is approximately 40 km/h, more than enough on off-road drive. With a single charge can travel up approximately to 50 km, without problems both driving on a quite countryside and over seriously bad terrains, with any weather conditions.

Charging Geo Country Quad is very simple, thanks to a On-board electric Charger with Microprocessor and Switching technology, furnished with a cable that can be connected to any common electric home-socket AC110V/220V. The absorption of electricity during the charging is comparable to the same as an electric shaver, with a total consumption of approximately 4,8 Kw, equal to approximately 40 Euro cents.

Its flexibility together with low-cost maintenance and small insurance/electricity costs, make this ATV the ideal partner for those who desire to move with an efficient vehicle, quiet and emissions-free, whatever the use is: for work setting, private reasons or simply for passion, Geo Country Quad answers without hesitation to anyone’s expectations.

Geo Country Quad is a modern and not-pollutant Innovation for needs of proximity transportation in special Environmental Areas and anywhere Sustainable Mobility is a Demand.

On you find more technical details and information about this important worldwide New.


It’s the first electric quad in the world homologated for Street-legal drive. Great performances, a modern design and technically advanced, these are the qualities of Geo Country. The QUAD to satisfy needs and wishes of anyone who must move in all-terrains but at the same time care about Environment with a sustainable mobility, with zero emission and without acoustic pollution.

Geo Country is an “utility” QUAD, strong and polyvalent, reliable and manageable; ideal for working activities or for fun, for moving in private or public areas, farms, inside tourist facilities, parks, fun-fairs, camping's, in special ambient places, in one word: anywhere. Always in a silent way, economical and, most of all, with zero environmental impact.


  • Product Size: cm 195L 112W 113H
  • Product Weight: 387 Kg
  • Motor: Continuous current separately excited
  • Motor Power: 4 Kw
  • Battery: 6 x 12V, 74 Ah, Maintenance-free gel
  • Charger: AC220V - AC110V on-board
  • Total charging time: Approx. 9 hours
  • Top speed: Approx. 40 km/h
  • Top range: Urban cycle approx. 50 km, off-road approx. 40 km
  • Gear: Automatic
  • Option “Climber” version: Programmable Transmission and rear differential Lock.
  • Street Legal on Roads, 2 seats


Best Motors electric engine. Curtis Controller with micro-processor. Programmable electric motor brake. Regenerative braking. Batteries with AGM technology. Stain-less steel frame. Structural composite and thermoplastic panels. Gear selector forward/neutral/reverse. Fully automatic. Complete Lights system. Horn. Emergency stop System. Multifunction LCD Display with Speedometer, Odometer, Transmission position, a battery state-of-charge meter, Clock. Mirrors. Front/rear rugged steel cargo Racks.


COLORS: Cherry Red, Olive Green, Amazon Green, Safari Beige

ACCESSORIES: Front Rack Bag, Rear Rack Bag, Storage Cover

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