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Land Crawler ATV
6WD Land Crawler ZT Soon to be Launched

A New Breed of ATV
Land Crawler ATV is pleased to announce that it will soon debut prototypes of its six-wheel drive Land Crawler ZT ATV. This first of its kind electric ATV combines an extremely low center of gravity, safety, and incredible ease of use, with a thrilling driving-experience.

With a seat-height and center of gravity a mere 16 inches above the ground, the Land Crawler provides superior tip-over safety without requiring strenuous body weight shifting on hills and slopes critical to the safe operation of typical ATV's. And unlike traditional 6 and 8WD ATV's, the Land Crawler has a unique suspension system that helps smooth out the ride on rough terrain.

Its tank-like drive-by-wire duel hand levers provide full vehicle control and are extremely easy, precise, and intuitive to use. No gear shifting, clutching, or foot braking is required. Most drivers regardless of prior ATV experience are able to safely operate the Land Crawler with minimal instruction or practice compared to traditional ATV's. And unlike traditional ATV's, its zero-radius turning capability provides an exhilarating ride and an unprecedented maneuverability.

Dual 5HP high torque electric motors combined with 25:1 gear reduction provides unbelievable hill climbing and towing capacity. This combined with its full-time 6WD operation offers extreme traction in almost any situation. The environmentally friendly electric drive train is safe and is easily charged overnight from a standard 110-volt outlet for about only 50 cents.

The Hunt for Perfection
The camouflage version of the Land Crawler is great for hunters. With little more than the sound of tires against the ground, this low-visibility ATV is perfect for transporting hunters to their favorite spots. The large, full cover, low obstruction camouflaged canopy will allow hunting in most any weather condition in virtually recliner-like comfort. And the armrests provide a convenient steady-rest--contributing to firearm stability.

The Land Crawler ZT is also great for exploring, camping, RVing, fishing, nature viewing, ecology tours, and more. Its inherent safety and ease of use also allows the elderly and people with physical disabilities to enjoy and explore the outdoors unlike any other ATV.

Fun Comes Standard
Available in many colors along with many optional accessories such as: roof canopy, windshield and side panels, brush guards, storage pouches, carrying racks, winch, snow plow, and gun and fishing pole racks. A gas/ hydraulic version will also be available in the near future.

Jim Taylor, founder of Land Crawler ATV, is enthusiastic about the Land Crawler ZT launch. "The Land Crawler is quite possibly the safest and easiest to drive ATV ever developed," Taylor said. "We feel that the Land Crawler ZT will provide an extremely important product addition to any dealer's ATV line up".

LandCrawler ATV
3237 Haas Ave.
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Phone: (314) 344-0031
Web Site:

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