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All Rite Products
All Rite Products Introduces Numerous ATV Accessories for 2007

Oasis Drink Cage ATV Drink Holder
Model # ODC
ATV drink holder carries standard water bottles and 20-ounce plastic soda bottles within reach.  The Oasis Drink Cage can be mounted almost anywhere on ATV railing and Master Block mounting block can be loosened and rotated to any desired angle to keep your drink up and out of the way.  Metal cage securely holds drinks, even while riding AV in rough terrain."
Patent Pending
Catch & Release ATV One and Two Rod Holders
Model # CR1/CR2
Single or Double Rod holders carry fishing rods vertically on the back of an ATV.  Use All Rite's "Catch & Release" holding system for your rods!  Reel slides down split channel in tube and locks into place, keeping the rod secure even while riding on rough terrain (catch).  Tapered shoulder on opening allows user to easily remove rod (release).  Master Block mounting base system attaches to all ATV models and is interchangeable between both the single and the double rod holders.  Bracket can also be turned to hold a rod in place while fishing from ATV.
Patent Pending

Rack Rider ATV Flashlight Holder
Model # RRF
ATV flashlight holder can be mounted within reach to provide a convenient place to carry a flashlight on an ATV.  Attaches with versatile Master Black system.  Holder can be rotated to use the flashlight when hands free extra light is needed.  Two heavy duty rubber grommets protect flashlight and helps to keep it from slipping or bouncing out on rough terrain.
Patent Pending
Bucket Binder ATV Bucket Holder
Model # BB1
Adjustable to hold standard 4 and 5 gallon buckets as well as water jugs and weed / garden sprayers, the Bucket Binder is the easiest bucket holder to use on the market.  The Bucket Binder is easy to attach and quick to remove using the Master Block Mounting System.
Patent Pending

Cush N Carry ATV Rack
Model # CC1
Our premium ATV gun & bow rack!  Internal steel fork holds heavy items.  Soft rubber teeth and "cushion" air pockets help provide superior shock protection.  Easy to grip locking knobs allow for quick adjustment without the need for tools.  Master Block base attaches to all brands of ATVs.  Can be mounted to railing or flat cargo racks.
Patent Pending
Snap In Go Vertical Tool Holder
Model # SNV
ATV tool holder carries 1 1/4" diameter wood and fiberglass handled tools vertically on an ATV.  Nylon mounting base attaches with u-bolts to ATV railing.  Can be mounted side by side to carry multiple tools at the same time.  The SNV can also be rotated 360 degrees.  Just snap in and go!
Patent Pending

Snap In Go ATV Tools Holder
Model # SNG
Convenient and super tough ATV tool holder carries wood and fiberglass handled tools 1 1/4" in diameter.  Holder carries long handled garden & ranch tools.  Aluminum mounting blocks attach to round or square railing.
Patent Pending


About All Rite Products
All Rite Products is a family-owned business that has been making high quality ATV accessories since 1984.  Since we also use the items that we sell, it is our commitment to produce great products for both the hunting and recreational ATV rider.

All Rite Products, Inc.
9554 S. Wells Circle, Ste. D
West Jordan, UT 84088


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