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GBS Shock Absorber
GCB Shock Absorbers for both ATV and UTV Applications

Born is the special GCB suspension for ATVs and UTVs, result of studies, searches and tests on the even more numerous 4 wheel off-road vehicles.

It's a shock absorber kit: 2 front and 1 rear for the ATVs and 2 front and 2 rear for the UTVs, all interchangeable to the original ones.  It is adjustable to guarantee the best performance according to the needs and weight of driver and it has different adjustments to adapt it to the different race tracks indoor, outdoor and on sand.

ATV Anterior Shock Absorber:

  • two possible regulations;
  • width 410 mm;
  • increased negative on rebound to avoid the jumping of the anterior wheels;
  • triple interchangeable spring;
  • possible regulation of compression with passage of oil.
Front Shock
Front Shock
Back Damper
Back Damper

ATV Back Damper:

  • three possible regulations;
  • width equal to the original model;
  • adjustable spring preload;
  • possible regulation of compression and extension.

Application Charts

Supermotard Front

  Model Specification Code Travel
370mm Yamaha Raptor Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-YRSM370 110mm
410mm Yamaha Banshee Long Travel 2" + 1" ANT-YBSM410 127mm


Supermotard Rear

  Model Code Travel
330mm Yamaha Raptor POST-YRSM330 75mm
310mm Yamaha Banshee POST-YBSM310 65mm
370mm Suzuki Z400 POST-SM370 95mm
370mm Kawasaki KXF 400 POST-SM370 110mm
380mm Honda TRX POST-SM380 100mm


Off-Road Front

  Model Specification Code Travel
370mm Yamaha Banshee Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-YRSM370 110mm
410mm Kawasaki KX 700 Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-KX700OR410 127mm
410mm Yamaha Raptor Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-YROR410 127mm
410mm Honda TRX Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-HTRXOR410 127mm
410mm Yamaha 450m.04 Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-Y450/04OR410 127mm
450mm Yamaha 450m.04 Long Travel 2"+1" ANT-Y450/04OR40 135mm
450mm Artic-Cat DVX400 Braccetti fino a 2" ANT-AC400OR450 135mm
450mm Yamaha Banshee Long Travel 3"+1" ANT-YBOR450 135mm
450mm Suzuki Z 400   ANT-SZ400OR450


450mm Kawasaki KX 700   ANT-KX700OR450


480mm Yamaha Banshee Long Travel 3"+1" ANT-YROR480 150mm
490mm Honda TRX Long Travel 3"+1" ANT-HTRXOR490 155mm
490mm Artic-Cat DVX400 Long Travel 3"+1" ANT-AC400OR490 155mm
490mm Suzuki Z 400 Long Travel 3"+1" ANT-SZ400OR490 155mm
490mm Kawasaki KX 700 Long Travel 3"+1" ANT-KX700OR490 155mm


Off-Road Rear

  Model Code Travel
340mm Yamaha Raptor POST-YBOR340 85mm
360mm Yamaha Banshee POST-YROF360 90mm
400mm Suzuki Z 400 POST-SZ400OR400 115mm
400mm Kawasaki KXF 400 POST-XF400OR400 115mm
400mm Artic-Cat DVX400 POST-AC400OR400 125mm
410mm Honda TRX POST-HTRXOR410 125mm
450mm Kawasaki KXF 400 POST-XF400OR450 140mm
485mm Polaris POST-POLOR485 157mm


UTV Shock Absorber Kit

Available the version with preload spring at electronic control.   It can be adjusted through our digital panel to fit inside the UTVs.

On-board, real time electronic spring preload adjustment:

UTV Shock Absorber
UTV Shock Absorber

The spring preload is varied hydraulically by means of custom servo high speed pneudraulic valves.  The "hydraulic pump" to power the system is integrated into the shock body and utilizes the shock fluid displaced by the shock shaft to generate hydraulic pressure.

The servo valves controlling the fluid to and from the spring preload adjusting unit are triggered by an ICE-PARTS electronic control unit which permits real time, on-board monitoring and adjustment.  Installation of the ECU is straight-forward "plug-n-play".  Each shock absorber has a simple four conductor cable linked to the ECU, transmitting Vdc power, Ground, RX & Tx signals.

The dash board part of the ECU is intuitive in its use having only 3 tactile push buttons, a menu screen and a range of six preloads.  Viewing is guaranteed in all conditions by use of a backlit screen.  The firmware is readily upgradeable permitting numerous end user settings.

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