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Yoshimura Announces 2008 KFX450R Exhaust Pipes and Fuel Injection Adjuster

Kawasaki KFX450R
Kawasaki KFX450R

Chino, CA – April 25, 2007 – Yoshimura R&D Of America, Inc. announced today the release of five new products for the new Kawasaki KFX450® R sport quad – Three New Exhaust Systems, a Yoshimura EMS Peripheral Interface Module (PIM) Fuel Injection Unit and FIMAK (Fuel Injection Map Adjuster Kit).

Yoshimura has been the leader as well as the pioneer in EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). Expertise learned from years at the cutting edge of Superbike Racing has clearly put Yoshimura at the head of the pack when it comes to EFI tuning. The Yoshimura PIM and Ti- Pro Exhaust System equipped KFX450R takes the stock 36HP KFX up to an impressive 40.6HP. In addition, power delivery becomes much more linear and crisp.

"We've got a bit of an advantage for sure," ATV Brand Manager Kory Ellis said. "Working with the Suzuki factory road racing team, we helped develop a lot of the technology used today. Also, for the last two years we have continually developed fuel injection adjusting devices for the Suzuki QuadRacer® R450 with a lot of success. Yoshimura has been working in this field since the beginning and we have a skill level that few can match."

After any engine modification like switching from a stock exhaust pipe or after engine mods, you must re-map. The stock EFI has no idea what pipe is attached or what state of tune the engine is, it automatically defaults to stock parameters. The PIM units come with two preprogrammed maps for Yoshimura systems.

Yoshimura PIM and FIMAK Unit for KFX450R
Yoshimura PIM and FIMAK Unit for KFX450R

Yoshimura EMS Peripheral Interface Module (PIM):
For the 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R
#RF-432-2415 PIM $285.00 (MSRP)

The Yoshimura EMS (Engine Management System) was developed in AMA Superbike racing as a way to fine tune modified racing engine fuel injection mapping. As EFI technology has come to quad racing, the same technology that has helped Mat Mladin win six of the last seven Superbike titles and Doug Gust win last years WPSA Championship, is here for the KFX.

The #RF-432-2415 PIM is a piggyback unit that plugs in as an adjunct to the stock OEM wiring harness. This simple plug-in to the stock harness requires no major modifications; and takes about thirty minutes to install. The PIM comes with (2) pre-programmed fuel maps, which optimize fuel delivery for our Yoshimura exhaust systems. Map (a) offers best performance when utilizing the spark arrestor. Map (b) offers maximum machine performance with our race exhaust system. The PIM unit attaches directly on top of the OEM ECU and takes just a few minutes to install.

DYNO of Yoshimura Equipped KFX450R vs Stock
DYNO of Yoshimura Equipped KFX450R vs Stock

EMS Fuel Injection Map Adjuster Kit (FIMAK):
For the 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R
FIMAK #R-422 MSRP $275.00 (MSRP)

If additional fuel adjustments are required, the FIMAK is utilized when interfaced with the Peripheral Interface Module. The FIMAK is a hand held unit that makes mapping changes that ultimately effect fuel delivery. The FIMAK makes adjustments to the Yoshimura supplied base maps stored inside the PIM unit…or allow the user to make custom maps of his own choice/ Once adjustments are performed, the FIMAK is simply unplugged and stored in the racer's toolbox.

The FIMAK will allow for +/- percentage adjustment of fuel, at various operating points. (throttle angle and engine rpm). The FIMAK has a total of 200 mapping points available. Throttle angle is well defined at the lower throttle angles, where engine response is critical. Engine rpm adjustment points are available in 500rpm increments. Fuel trim is adjustable in 1% increments, with a +/- 20% threshold.

Yoshimura RS2 Titanium for KFX450R
Yoshimura RS2 Titanium for KFX450R

Additional features of the FIMAK:
The block edit feature allows the user to select "blocks" of operating points and trim fuel. This feature is helpful when sizable adjustments are necessary. An "active" mode is available for live engine tuning. Active operating points are displayed on the LCD display panel. This feature allows fuel adjustments while the engine is running.

Yoshimura Exhaust Systems
For the 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R
RS-2 Slip On SS #2415703 MSRP $395.00
RS-2 Full System SS #2415503 MSRP $595.00
RS-2 Full System TI #2415167 MSRP $845.00

No matter what your requirement, Yoshimura has a pipe for your KFX450R. Starting with the 2415703 Slip-Ons or heading all the way to a full race Titanium 2415167 system – Yoshimura has you covered.

Lightweight, superior quality, and championship performance are the features of Yoshimura exhaust systems. Dyno Charts included.

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