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ATV Wagon Trailers Called to Action on Extreme Makeover

7/24/07: When CBH Homes needed to move equipment, supplies, and water for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, they turned to Bosski, and their line of ATV Wagon trailers.

Keith Evans of Bosski explains, "John Carr of CBH Homes came to us and said he could really use our large trailers at the construction site of Extreme Makeover. We enjoy giving back to the community, so how could we say no".

The Stockdale family of Middleton, Idaho was selected to receive an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because they have experienced more tragedy and hardship than any family should have to bear. Ryan and Karia have four children, ages 2-6, who have an extremely rare white blood cell disease, called Eosinophilic Esophagatis.

Snake River Yamaha was also a sponsor and let CBH Homes borrow a Rhino UTV. Another one of Bosski's dealers, Campbell Tractor, also donated the use of an ATV Wagon trailer and a couple John Deere Gators, but availability was low on the side-by-side machines.

"Apparently, ABC really wanted a dozen or so Utility Vehicles, however, due to high sales demand, not many units can be found at local dealerships," says Evans. CBH Homes realized what they really needed was the ability to tow lots of gear, and the ATV Wagon trailers worked perfectly at the rural farm location. With temperatures at the construction site hitting 100 degrees, hauling water and supplies was the main use of the trailers. Over a thousand pounds of gear can be placed inside the bed of the 1600UT ATV Wagon trailer.

Because many ATVs and UTVs can tow upwards of 1000-1500 lbs, the extreme ATV Wagon trailers, are perfect for a variety of uses. ATV Wagon trailers are simply the best ATV pull-behind trailers on the market. Available from distributors and hundreds of quality dealers in the US , Alaska , and Canada .

ATV Wagon by Bosski
5015 Aviation Way
Caldwell , ID 83605
208-455-8433 Pho
208-453-2721 Fax




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