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IMS Products Adds EVOmx Fuel Tank Foam to Product Lineup

EVOmx Fuel Tank Foam
EVOmx Fuel Tank Foam

Riverside, CA September 27, 2007 IMS, the world leader in high performance fuel systems is proud to announce the addition of EVOmx Fuel Tank Foam to its current lineup of products. IMS is at the forefront of cutting edge fuel systems, and the new EVOmx Fuel Tank Foam carries on that tradition.

EVOmx is a reticulated foam product (a process that removes the membranes from foam cells yet leaves the skeletal structure) and has proven to be beneficial for off-road, MX, Street/Road Race, and ATV applications.

Reticulated foam was originally designed for military helicopters as part of the original fuel cell technology and is currently FAA approved and used throughout the aviation industry. By removing the membranes in cells, you end up with a web structure that prevents surging but allows liquids to flow at a high rate. This eliminates sudden and violent sloshing of fuel within the tank. The foam has a 30 year lifespan and will not break down or cause fuel contamination. It is easily inserted into your tank in just a few minutes and displaces only 2 -3% of the tanks fuel capacity. These small open cell units weigh virtually nothing, yet carry huge benefits:

  1. 1. Weight Transfer Stability-
    When you brake hard going into a corner with a half tank of fuel, you have basically 9-14 pounds of fuel surging forward and unnecessarily pre-loading your front suspension while simultaneously unloading the rear. Not only does this surging action take up valuable stroke, it also is unpredictable and subject to terrain changes that the rider has no control over. EVOmx Foam gives the rider back this control by controlling this weight transfer.

    2. Lack of Vibration-
    When your fuel tank drops to full during the course of an event, engine/frame/transferred shock vibrations are turned into high frequency vibrations within your fuel tank. These vibrations transfer directly to your bars and then into your hands. The result, more fatigue and an increased possibility of "arm-pump". EVOmx greatly reduces these vibrations and lets you feel the engine, not the fuel tank vibrating. EVOmx in effect acts as a vibration damper that lets you really feel what your bike is doing.

    3. Sound Damping-
    With the addition of EVOmx Foam, you will instantly notice that your machine sounds much different. EVOmx significantly dampens the sounds you hear as you ride. A empty fuel tank not only vibrates significantly, but also acts as a transducer, amplifying confused sound waves and making it harder to hear what your engine is doing. The first thing riders comment on when using EVOmx for the first time is that they can "Hear the engine."

"We are really excited to be involved with EVOmx Foam," IMS owner Scott Wright said. "It is a perfect fit with our other fuel delivery products and I know that once riders experience the advantages of this product, they will understand our 100% commitment to this technology."

EVOmx Foam can be used in virtually any fuel tank from .5 gallon to 5 gallon tanks with equal success. IMS Products will be selling the foam as a stand alone product or in a special combination kit with any of their full line of fuel tanks. For more information or to place an order, please visit

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