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KingQuad 400 FS / KingQuad 400 AS / KingQuad 750 AXi


Delivering the Complete Package

The very first Suzuki KingQuad became famous for its versatility thanks to an amazing list of features that made it the most complete ATV available. The 1991 model lead the way for future Suzuki ATVs – and now for a growing family of Suzuki KingQuad ATVs.


25th anniversary of Suzuki ATVs
“First on 4 Wheels” is more than just a slogan for Suzuki, it’s a fact. And 2008 will mark the 25th anniversary of the milestone – Suzuki’s invention of the four-wheeled ATV. The 1983 Suzuki QuadRunner 125 gave birth to an industry.

As the first four-wheeled ATV, the Suzuki LT-125 set in motion a history of innovation that only a manufacturer like Suzuki could deliver.

The 1983 Suzuki LT-125 delivered the utility function that other machines couldn’t, and it did so with the reliability, durability and power that only Suzuki could provide. This new quad featured reverse gear, an auto-clutch five-speed transmission, an odometer, an accessory power plug and a sealed rear brake.

Suzuki continued to bring innovation to the new ATV industry throughout the 80s, leading the way for an industry that – 25 years later – is bigger than anyone could have imagined.

The KingQuad name returned to the Suzuki stable in 2005 with the fuel-injected KingQuad 700 4x4 ATV. Suzuki delivered this ATV with a feature list that made even the well-equipped original KingQuad blush. The concept behind the KingQuad 700 was to create a single ATV that delivered all the high-demand features of a top-of-the-line utility machine, along with Suzuki performance and a competitive price.

This was the first ATV to deliver Suzuki fuel injection to the ATV world. Famous for helping deliver countless championships in motorcycle road racing competition, Suzuki fuel injection is recognized for delivering horsepower with amazing efficiency.

Much more than just a high-powered fuel-injected ATV, this flagship delivered fully independent suspension, aluminum wheels, a sealed oil-bathed multi-disc brake system and Suzuki’s exclusive T-shaped seat for comfort. Along with fuel injection, the single-cylinder engine had a dual-overhead-cam head, and the engine was canted forward 48 degrees for optimum placement in the chassis.

As proof of success, the 2005 KingQuad earned more ATV of the Year honors in its debut year than any other ATV. Clearly, the KingQuad formula – build cutting edge ATVs upon a base of Suzuki performance and durability – had the makings of a powerful success story. It also ushered in the new KingQuad family, including the 2007 KingQuad 450. This new ATV was the first fuel-injected 4x4 in the popular 450cc-class, and it delivered most of the features of the KingQuad 700 at a more moderate price.

For 2008, two new quads are being introduced – the KingQuad 400 and the KingQuad 750AXi. The following pages will expand upon the highlights. There have also been some changes on the award winning KingQuad 450. For the 2008 450AXi as well as the 750AXi, you will find a fully independent suspension system with five preload settings, offering a smoother ride, better stability and performance.

KINGQUAD 750 AXi 4x4

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