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ATV Racing Collectibles Launches New Website

Springville, TN (Nov. 4, 2007) - After experiencing a highly positive public response to their inaugural "Show Case Of Products" at the final round of the 2007 WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour in Pennsylvania..."ATV Racing Collectibles" has launched a new website at

The e-commerce store front features merchandise designed specifically for Pro racers and their teams. Participating Pros at this time include: Team Rockstar, MSR, Pro Taper, Suzuki, Yoshimura's Doug Gust, Dustin Wimmer, Jeremiah Jones and Chad Wienen; Keith Little; and Angela Butler. In addition to apparel and accessories, ATV Racing Collectibles offers the ATV enthusiast a selection of highly collectible Pro memorabilia along with Pro specific souvenirs. And, a "Personalized Design" studio which caters to the merchandising needs of Pro, Amateur and Youth teams, as well as individual racers, who desire to have specialized products designed for them by ATV Racing Collectibles.

David Screws, publisher of ATV Racin' Extra and founder of ATV Racing Collectibles had this to say about the new venture. "Our main goal at ATV Racing Collectibles is to enhance the exposure of the sport through merchandising. After spending a considerable amount of time researching various forms of racing from NASCAR to Kart racing, we realized that the merchandising of ATV racing on a national and world wide basis would bring the sport more and more to the attention of the main stream public. The more people see the images of our Pros on all sorts of products...the more they will want to know. It's a proven process, and if it can work for other forms of racing, it's time for it to work for the sport of ATV racing."

He added in closing, "We're currently working with a select group of Pros and are in talks or negotiations with a number of other well known Pros from all forms of ATV racing. Our desire is to represent the sport all across the board and make sure that the general public knows that ATV racing has arrived...and is here to stay and grow."

For information regarding ATV Racing Collectibles
Email:  Phone: 731-644-3803.

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