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Need More Shock, EXIT ATV Shocks Offer Premium Shocks


Logan, UT – EXIT Shocks, a manufacturer of premium shock absorbers for ATV’s and Snowmobiles has developed and released a new line of shock absorbers for ATV’s and SideXSide’s. The X series shocks are available for front and rear in a variety of configurations. This line of shocks from EXIT is designated by the X and the number following represents the number of adjustments on that model for example the X1 model has one form of external adjustment. For the front EXIT offers a piggy back reservoir non-adjustable X0, piggy back reservoir compression adjustable X1, and piggy back reservoir compression and rebound adjustable X2. For the rear EXIT offers a remote reservoir compression adjustable X1 shock and a remote reservoir compression and rebound adjustable X2. These shocks are available for most late model ATV’s and SideXSide’s and can be used with the stock suspension components or with ARS-FX a-arms, linkages, and swingarms.

EXIT Shocks use either one, two, or three springs made of high tensile silicone wire, both of the smaller tender springs and the main spring use different spring rates. Triple or dual rate springs allow the shock to be tuned for small, medium, and large impacts and the dampening can be adjusted externally. This allows the suspension to be easily tuned by changing the springs and crossovers. The EXIT X-series shocks have been developed by renowned suspension expert Mike Hallock and combine more than 15 years of suspension design experience. Almost everything on the shock body is custom machined from billet aluminum to very tight tolerances to give the shock very consistent results.

Each shock is custom built for application, rider weight, and riding style. In addition all shocks have been designed so that the flow of the hydraulic fluid remains smooth and consistent through the entire shock. The bridge or line going to the reservoir is specially designed so the dampening is more effective and not restricted by a small line and thereby keeping temperatures lower. This prevents the dampening from fading as the shock heats up.

The release of the EXIT X-series shocks is a big step forward for ZBroz Racing because it is allows them to offer a full suspension kit including ARS-FX a-arms and EXIT Shocks that are designed to work together.

About ZBRoz Racing
ZBroz Racing distributes and manufactures premium suspension products for ATV’s and Snowmobiles under the banner of EXIT Shocks and ARS-FX. Building on many years of snowmobile racing experience the Zollinger brothers formed ZBroz Racing to meet the growing need for upgraded suspension products. ARS-FX currently offers a range of suspension products including a-arms, swing-arms, steering stems, and bar clamps while EXIT offers the accompanying shock absorbers. For more information on ZBroz Racing please visit or call 435-753-7774.

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