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Bykas Fun Sports

Bykas Enterprises Crafting ATV Solutions

Fun Fueler
Fun Fueler

Let’s be honest- refueling our quads sucks.  There is no joy to be found in carefully maneuvering a heavy plastic can full of highly flammable liquid and vapors dangerously close to a hot surface.  Worse yet is regardless of how well designed the gas can’s cap & nozzle tend to be, it is nearly impossible to avoid a little spillage- not only is this bad for your decals, bad for the environment, but at close to $3.50 a gallon, this is like wasting liquid gold! BYKAS fueling systems has taken the uncertainty out of the process with their impressive refueling solutions.

Fill ups pump style are always more efficient but gone are the days of inefficient, tiresome hand cranking or gravity feed systems. With the Bykas Fun Fueler system you just turn the CO2 knob on which pressurizes the tank and forces the fuel up through the hose and out the nozzle. Just like at your local gas station. Their 5 lb CO2 bottle will pump up to 200 gallons of fuel. The refillable quick release CO2 tank also can be used to pump up tires as well.

Also taking a cue from our friends on MTV Cribs, prepare for customized rims to invade the ATV market.  Only rather than spinners that do little more than rotate for visual appeal, ATV Rim Spins will offer protection; keeping quad rims clean and free of mud, gravel, sand, snow and other trail debris.

ATV Rim Spins
ATV Rim Spins

Bykas has managed to develop a system of customization and protection at the same time. Until now, worn out and paint-chipped rims could only be remedied by dropping money on replacement rims that everyone else has. Rim Spins cover up those old beat-up rims or protect brand new ones. Not to mention these beauties add a splash of color and style to your rims, and give any ATV that custom look. With 5 designs and 6 color combos, you can be quite sure no other ATV put on the trails will look exactly like yours.  Best of all, Rim Spins take only minutes to install and fit snuggly around your rim bead and provide a clean factory look.

Bykas Enterprises is a family owned and operated business where top quality products and genuine innovation meet.  Located in Oregon Bykas consider themselves very fortunate to have some of the most beautiful sand dunes in the country at their disposal and have been avid ATV riders/ enthusiasts first and foremost.

After months of research and development, they devised their patent pending refueling systems.  Their efforts will eliminate thousands of gallons of spilled fuel into our environment and will allow future generations to enjoy the off-roading experience.

For more information on Bykas, their excellent products, or to place an order:

Bykas Enterprises, Inc.

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