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Toy Stacker Launches New E-commerce Site for ATV Racks, Ramps, Stackers & Side Loaders.
Save Space for more ATVís or Cargo-Donít haul without it!

Newberg, OR, 3/20/08 ó launched their new e-commerce site this week with much anticipation for their loyal customers, suppliers, vendors and partners. allows owners of ATVís to increase their usable space within their Toy Hauler, Truck Bed, Cargo Trailer or Garage while hauling or storing their toys (ie-quads or ATVís). understands the challenges that we all face when transporting ATVís: no matter what you transport your toys in, itís easy to run out of space. Their products allow owners of ATVís to haul more quads and store extra cargo. Visit Toy Stacker at

Today, Toystacker sells 6 different products and has free shipping to all lower 48 states.   The 3 major categories are Side Loader, Stacker and Customs.  The ToySideLoader is a rack system used in a truck bed allowing a person to transport 2 quads side-by-side in the rear of the truck.  The ToyStacker is an A-frame ATV Rack that is used in a Truck, Toy Hauler, Cargo Trailer or Garage.  It has a winch system at the top of the unit used to lift the front of the quad in the air, follow up the ramps to the top of the unit.  By doing this, the ATV Owner reduces the footprint of the ATV, thus saving 30%-60% of space in their desired hauling unit.  The more ToyStackers used in a space, the more space is saved.

Product Portfolio:

  • ToyStacker for Trucks-$489:  Space saving A-frame rack for your Toy Hauler, Truck, Cargo Trailer or Garage allowing you to haul or store more ATVís or Cargo.  Fit 2 ATVís front-loaded in your truck bed.
  • ToyStacker for Toy Haulers-$489:  Fit 1, 2, 3 or more ATVís in your Toy Hauler by stacking them.
  • ToyStacker for Cargo Trailers-$489:  Fit 1, 2, 3 or more ATVís in your Cargo Trailer by stacking them.
  • ToyStacker for Garages-$489:  Toys take up valuable space at home. The ToyStacker doubles as a ďSpace SaverĒ for your Garage when not using in other hauling apparatuses.
  • ToySideLoader-$1799:  Space Saving Side Loader for your Truck allowing you to Haul 2 ATVís and store more cargo beneath.  Fits any full-size truck-any length bed (Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan).
  • Customs-price depends on project: Custom Build Solutions for your Toy Hauler, Truck, Cargo Trailer or Garage. Whether itís a full rack system, modifying a product they already sell, or building unique dimensions for a Sand Rail or Dune Buggy, they can do it. Have you ever thought of stacking your Quads on top of your Dune Buggy? If so, they can build it.

Detailed Product Info:

Side Loader


The ToySideLoader (a 175lb lightweight-all aluminum structure) was developed specifically for those hauling two Quads in the back of their Truck. If you are hauling a trailer, you donít have to unhook it to unload your Quads from your Truck. Because itís a side loader, you can easily load and unload your toys while hooked up to a trailer-a great benefit over rear loaders. The Side Loader is built from boxed aluminum, which is very sturdy and light, not adding much weight to your overall load.  The loader never touches your truck box side rails, therefore never scratching or putting unneeded weight on them.  The boxed foundation sits inside your Truck bed, which lowers the center of gravity and secures to your existing tie-downs. It also allows for extra storage of riding or camping gear.  The ramps fold and store underneath the side loader for easy transportation.  Two 10í folding ramps included.


Save Space: Increases the usable space within your Truck. Allows you to haul 2 ATVs and extra cargo below.

Save Money: An Affordable solution. No need to purchase a longer Truck or bigger Toy Hauler. Some customers have kept their original travel trailer when purchasing new Quads rather than upgrading to a Toy Hauler.

Easy to Use: Loading your ATVís takes just seconds with the 10" folding aluminum ramps. Both sides of the railing fold down. Drive up one side to load-drive down and forward on the other side to unload. No backing down required when unloading.


Toystacker is an aluminum space saving a-frame rack that reduces the footprint of your Quad by lifting it in the air (using the winch system).  Stacking multiple Toystackers & Quads together tightly will save you 30-60% space.


  • You can fit 1, 2 or 3 XTRA Quads in your Trailer.
  • Or you can fit 2 Quads in your Truck.
  • Toy Stacker will allow you to fit more Quads in your space than you're used to. ToyStacker was found to be very sturdy, lightweight and safe.
  • It's easy to use and folds down for easy storage underneath your trailer or in the back of your truck.
  • Fits all Sport ATV's, 4X4's and Child Quads.
  • Itís safe: doesnít damage your ATV's, Truck or Trailer by stacking them on top of each other without this product. Toystacker secures safely to your existing tie-downs.
  • Strong: Made from top grade boxed aluminum. Able to withstand 1000 lbs.
  • Collapses for Storage.
  • Lightweight: ToyStacker weighs under 60 lbs.
  • Saves Money: An Affordable solution. No need to purchase a longer Toy Hauler or Side Loader for your Truck.
  • Easy to Use: Loading takes just seconds with the Winch System.
  • Multiple Uses: Use with you Toy Hauler, Cargo Trailer, Truck Bed or Garage.

Visit for more information about us or our products.  Find us on MySpace at  Feel free to send us a ďFriends RequestĒ.

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