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Sense Technologies, Inc.

ScopeOut® -- New Aftermarket Vehicle Safety Mirrors Protect Drivers from Blind Zones

Dual-unit ScopeOut for SUVs, minivans and station wagons – installs inside of vehicle’s rear window.
Dual-unit ScopeOut for SUVs, minivans and station wagons – installs inside of vehicle’s rear window.

To use, driver looks into rear view mirror and sees reflection of activity occurring behind the vehicle -- up to 100 yards in either direction.  This panoramic view is available even if sides of the vehicle are blocked by large vehicles or other obstructions which driver could not ordinarily see around.

Chandler, Arizona – April 23, 2008—ScopeOut®,, is an exciting new automotive safety product  that protects drivers from blind zones when reversing out of parking areas or changing lanes in traffic.  The inconspicuous lightweight polymer unit installs on the interior of the vehicle's rear window, where it provides drivers with an expansive, rear and lateral view of potential dangers such as children, bicyclists, pets, motorcycles or fast-moving traffic approaching from down the street, parking lot aisle or sidewalk.

Before even putting a car in gear, ScopeOut® allows drivers to vividly see hazardous situations in their rear view mirror that might otherwise be blocked from view by large vehicles, shrubbery or obstructions next to the vehicle.   ScopeOut alleviates the type of blind zones one experiences in a parking lot when trying to reverse out of a parking spot where your vehicle is flanked on both sides by large pick-up trucks and you have to back out into the aisle without being able to see a thing.  The technology offers drivers an expanded field of vision –sometimes 100 yards in both directions – to help them better navigate in parking lots or change lanes in highly trafficked, congested or perilous fast-moving areas.

Affordably priced, ScopeOut® works in conjunction with other safety systems such as cameras or sensors, or functions effectively as a stand-alone device.

According to statistics collected by the Kids and Cars Organization, more than 150 children are backed over and killed by reversing vehicles each year. Thousands more are injured and treated in hospital emergency rooms. Most of these victims are toddlers, and in 70 percent of the cases, a parent or close family member is the one behind the wheel.  Drivers cannot avoid hitting what they cannot see, and inadequate rear visibility in newer vehicles is a topic of national concern being addressed by numerous safety coalitions, auto manufacturers and even Congress.

Single-unit ScopeOut for passenger vehicles – installs inside rear window.
Single-unit ScopeOut for passenger vehicles – installs inside rear window.

As family vehicles have grown larger so have their blind zones and this creates visibility issues for those drivers, as well as for other drivers sharing common roadways and parking areas who can't see around them.

Priced at under $100.00, ScopeOut® is available in two models, a single-unit model for passenger cars and a dual-unit model for SUV-type vehicles, including minivans and station wagons.  Installed using a special 3M™ acrylic tape provided in the box, ScopeOut is completely removable with no telltale signs to the vehicle.  ScopeOut is built to last the life of a vehicle.  It will not damage window tinting or defroster wires, and its small footprint allows drivers full rear-window functionality.  The product is backed by a generous manufacturer's warranty that ensures full customer satisfaction.

ScopeOut® is available online at, or by calling 480-474-4309 for more information. Dealer and wholesale pricing available.

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