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Polaris 2009 Rec/Ute ATV Line Up

Sportsman XP 850
Sportsman XP 850

Sportsman XP 550
Sportsman XP 550
Introducing the Sportsman Built for Xtreme Performance More than One million ATV riders have experienced the legendary Polaris Sportsman line. How do you make a classic even better? Re-invent it with exclusive and industry-leading features that make it the “Best Sportsman Ever.”

The Sportsman 850 XP and 550 XP are 99 percent new, and take Sportsman’s power and ride to the next level. The Sportsman 850 XP features a new, more-powerful 850cc, twin EFI engine that churns out 70 horsepower, while the Sportsman 550 XP has a new, more powerful 549cc, single EFI engine with 40 horsepower. The engines were designed to decrease engine vibration with internal balance shafts and are rubber-mounted to the chassis. The Sportsman XPs also feature the largest starting motor of any ATV requiring less power at start and reliable starting at temperatures to -35°F.

Along with new engines, the Sportsman XPs’ transmission features a roller-driven clutch, similar to a high-performance snowmobile, which reduces friction and provides smoother, faster clutch response and back shifting. For more usable speed, the models also feature a higher “Low “gear due to the broader torque curve of the engine, which allow speeds up to 39 mph in “Low.” The added power gives the Sportsman 850 XP and 550 XP the highest pulling and towing power at 1,500 lbs./680.4 kg and biggest rack capacity at 120 lbs./54.4 kg front and 240 lbs./108.9 kg. rear with a total of 100 built-in, tie-down points, making it not only scream down the trails but also an extremely tough work companion.

The Sportsman XPs also feature the most intelligent drivetrain including Polaris’ exclusive On-Demand, All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Engine Braking System (EBS with Active Descent Control (ADC). To tackle the most extreme riding conditions, the Sportsman XPs’ On- Demand AWD system automatically engages when the rider needs more forward traction and reverts back to two-wheel drive automatically when the AWD is no longer needed. The Engine braking assists in braking on steep inclines, while ADC provides four-wheel braking when the vehicle is in AWD, is operating at speeds below 15 mph and there is no throttle being applied. The new Sportsman XPs also have the highest cooling capacity allowing the cooling system to deliver the maximum endurance for sustained, high-horsepower applications. The models offer a 20 percent larger radiator mounted 4 _ inches higher than previous models to avoid obstruction. The new cooling system ensures the Sportsman XP can work longer than any other ATV under loaded, high-horsepower robbing conditions such as loaded, up-hill climbs, food plot tilling and other hard-work applications. The radiator also is easily accessible for quick cleaning.

For greater stopping power, the new models have automotive-style, hydraulic disc brakes all-around. The Sportsman 850 XP has four-wheel discs with three-wheel on the Sportsman 550 XP. The new brakes provide smooth, predictable braking power through a simple, single-lever brake.

The Sportsman XPs’ triple-headlight design provides 100 percent more lighting. For maximum vision at night, the models give the rider the ability to use all three headlights at once for 150 watts of lighting power.

Polaris Sportsman is known for its legendary ride and the new Sportsman XPs are the best ever. The models have a new, ultimate smooth suspension that features Polaris’ exclusive Rolled Independent Rear Suspension and Dual A-arm front suspension. The Rolled IRS minimizes rear-end squat under acceleration and provides better bump absorption due to the Aarms and two-stage springs being angled 4 degrees, creating recessional wheel travel that moves up and back. The Rolled IRS has been coupled with progressive, dual-rate springs made of high-tensile, chrome, silicon steel, and an adjustable preload front and rear for a smoother, more-controlled ride. The units also feature the highest suspension travel at 9 in./22.9 cm front and 10.25 in./26 cm rear, and the highest ground clearance at 12 in./30.5 cm making the ride smooth even in the toughest terrain.

To soak up bump steer in rough terrain, the Sportsman XPs have exclusive antikick back steering so riding in the rough stuff is easier on the operator. The models feature longer control arms and the largest wheels so the steering pivot of each axle is moved to the most-neutral, center part of the tire. Polaris also outfitted the Sportsman XPs with lower-profile tires to minimize tread deflection between the ground and wheel direction to deliver the most positive, precise steering available. Polaris also will be offering a power steering version of the models. Polaris’ power steering system is the most powerful system available offering variable assist which provides the least steering effort at slow speeds and more positive feedback and more resistance at high speeds.

Along with providing more power and an enhanced ride, the new Sportsman XPs sport a new design with improved ergonomics. For a more-comfortable ride, the models have 33 percent larger floorboards and more knee room with aggressive heel and calf pockets that are 3 _ inches narrower at the knees and 5 inches narrower at the feet for ease of movement. For a drier ride, the Sportsman XPs also have full mud protection with extensive inner splash shields. The new Sportsman XPs not only have more power and a better ride but they look good too. The models feature a redesigned, aggressive, purposeful look that is sporty yet functional and tough. The custom painted finish not only adds to the fit and finish but is nine times more durable than traditional plastic. To complete the Sportsman XPs are standard 14-inch, cast aluminum wheels Carlisle Terrathon tires to provide superior traction and style.

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