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Dragon Racing Fuels

Dragon Racing Fuels Introduces Line of Racing Fuels

Performance Products Inc, a division of Newton Oil Company Inc, out of Lafayette, Indiana is pleased to announce a new line of racing fuels. Dragon Racing Fuels will offer a complete line of race fuels for drag racing, sprint cars, motocross, supercross and marine performance arena. In addition, Dragon Racing Fuels has introduced 3 new state of the art formulations with superior performance for the motorcycle market. These fuels were designed by legendary race fuel formulator Jim Meiser. When asked about Jim, Susan Meiser proudly stated Jim Meiser worked thirty years for a major oil refiner starting in the R&D before being part of the new race fuel division. Hand blends became production fuels with influential input from the racer, dyno results, and even testing at home on his own equipment aided by both his boys, Kurt and Kyle. With the demand for unleaded fuels, blends were tested in 1993 on Volusia Speedway with the help of the Loechers Finish Line Racing School finding success under the scrutiny of various manufactures and Smokey Yunick. Marine Motors, asphalt, dirt racers, IHRA and NHRA drag racers, engine builders, and race organizations all consumed his time and he loved it. Fondness for motorcycles drew much time and attention from Jim. He did dyno work for years with Ducatis Ferracci. Kenny Tolbert, tuner for Chris Carr, George Fitts, owner of Keystone Racing, Kenny Roberts, and Wayne Rainey were just some of those he felt privileged to work with. The endorsement of a motorcycle racer brought years of development and friendship through 1993, 1994, 1995, NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship by Dave Schultz, his wife Meredith and tuner Greg Cope. They were great years and wonderful victories for all.

The twelve years that followed found Jim in another startup situation. Again, he was developing blends and power products of quality to be put into production. Developing blends, locating, and ordering chemicals, working with racers, trying to satisfy race associations, helping engine builders, trying to encourage sales in the eastern area of the country, all of these were dealt with each and every day.

A relationship developed with Rich Conrath of Innovative Motorcycle Research.

Blends were found to aid Richs Buell in the Pro Thunder class of AMA. Respect and sharing of information continued prompting dyno work by Rich on the last blends from Jim attracting the attention of Newton Oil. Acceptance by the racer and the success of this fuel will be such a tribute to a wonderfully honest and good person, ahead of his time and with believing winning isnt everything, its all there is.

These 3 new performance products are geared towards the motorcycle industry along with the complete line of Tarragon racing fuels and are now available along with the support racers have come to know from Newton Oil. The three new fuels are in our Legend series named after Jim and provide the racer with the edge to place them in the front of the sport. Our Legend Pro series meets the unleaded fuel specifications of the AMA supercross rules. Mark Ticen, Fuel Sales for Newton Oil, has worked with racers and some of the leading companies in the motocross, supercross and drag bike industry and will continue to use his experience to provide trackside support, market and sell the best race fuel on the market, Dragon Racing Fuel.

We have been track testing the new JM6 racing fuel on both motocross and XC racing and have acquired noticeable power gains with amazing throttle response, and we will continue to use and sell Dragon Racing Fuel products for years to come, said Toby Reed, MOTO-XPERTS, INC.

Newton Oil has been involved in the distribution of race fuels for several years and has assembled persons from blenders, formulators, racers, service, and sales with over 50 combined years of experience. For sales, support and dealer inquiry contact Mark Ticen at 1-800-286-2500. We look forward to serving you.

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