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LivingStep™ Introduces Breakthrough Tailgate Stepping System
The LivingStep revolutionizes access to all full-size truck beds

TGS-11 Surface Mount Model
TGS-11 Surface Mount Model

TGS-12 Drop-In Model
TGS-12 Drop-In Model

LANCASTER, Pa., Nov. 20 -- Following the successful introduction of the LivingStep at SEMA 2008 in Las Vegas, pre-ordering is under way and volume production has begun. LivingStep, patented in 2002, is an invention from Tom Livingston, an entrepreneur/contractor out of Pennsylvania.

The LivingStep was truly born of necessity. Livingston found that as the years went by, he was having greater difficulty getting his tools out of his truck bed. He started searching for solutions in the marketplace, but found none that were durable or safe enough for daily use. Livingston began to work on his own design to solve his problem. A prototype was built and put into service on his work truck. As soon as Livingston realized that his design was able to exceed his needs he sought Patent protection and was granted 2 full patents.

Livingston's stepping system has proven to be a multifunctional, innovative breakthrough. Durable, yet simple, the LivingStep is constructed to automotive industry standards. The success at SEMA 2008, a trade showcase to over 125,000 industry professionals, pressed Livingston and his investment group to begin the official production process. One of the most praised features of the LivingStep is its ability to provide more than one purpose such as a bed extender, and an additional seat for sitting, using the tailgate as a backrest.

The LivingStep offers two model types, the TGS-12 Drop-In Model, and the TGS-11 Surface Mount Model. The most prominent feature of the LivingStep is the single moving part, a hardened, stainless steel hinge that withstands the elements of sand, ice and snow. Both model types are constructed of steel, e-coated and powder-coated for durability and longevity. On the TGS-11 Surface Mount Model, the step is cradled in a non-slip, high-density polyethylene mold that features two cup holders. Both models are designed to lie flush with the tailgate, and distribute weight equally from side to side.

Known for ease of installment, one can expect to allow 30 minutes on the TGS-11 Surface Mount and approximately 2 hours for the TGS-12 Drop-In Model. Simple, straightforward instructions on installation will be included with the shipment. Additionally, TGS-11 can be transferred from one vehicle to another without the purchase of a new truck.

The LivingStep(TM) is currently available on the web and will soon be available through many of your local parts distribution centers and your favorite aftermarket catalogue channels. For more information, visit or call 1-800-335-4182.

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