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Twin Air USA

New Twin Air Products for ATVs and UTVs

Twin Air Polaris RZR 900 Filter
Twin Air Polaris RZR 900 Filter

Twin Air Can-Am Outlander Renegade Filter
Twin Air Can-Am Outlander Renegade Filter

(11/10/2011) – Twin Air has recently released two new filter kits for the Polaris RZR 900 XP and the 2012 Can Am Outlander/Renegade 800r/1000. These two new exciting kits are available now. In the coming weeks we will be introducing a new air filter kit for the Can Am Commander.

The Polaris RZR 900 XP has taken the side x side market by storm. Look at any major race series and the 900 XP is at or near the front. This high performance machine has many high tech features that make it such a class leader. The air filter is not one of them. The stock filter is made of paper and would be more appropriate for a car. This filter quickly clogs with dirt and restricts air flow. Fine dirt and sand can even be pulled right through it. If that isn’t bad enough, it is not cleanable or re-useable. To keep your RZR performing at peak level you would have to buy a new filter very often. Twin Air looked at the stock air box and designed a filter that would be easy to install, flow more air, stop dirt from entering the motor, and be easily maintained. We use a metal frame to hold our dual stage foam filter element. We could have simply made a flat replacement filter but we chose to give the filter more surface area to help increase air flow. This design not only allows more air in but also gives the filter the ability to hold more dirt. This helps our filters last longer between cleanings. The other major advantage of our filter is the ability to clean and re-use the element many times. This is not a disposable filter. Our filters are built to last. We flame bond our dual stage foam together for the ultimate in durability and breathability. We also use the highest quality glue to hold together the seams. When used with the proper cleaning and oiling chemicals these filters will hold up to repeated washes with no problems. This kit retails for $79.95 with replacement filters for the kit going for $39.95.

Can Am has been building some of the most powerful and best selling utility ATVs on the market. 2012 has seen the introduction of totally redesigned Outlander and Renegade models. These models will now be offered in both an 800 and 1000 versions. Can Am redesigned these machines from top to bottom. The air box design has been completely changed from the previous design. Twin Air has had a lot of experience with the Outlander/Renegade in the past. Our previous kit was such a hit that Can Am sold it through their BRP Accessory catalog. We looked at this brand new air box design and produced a kit that utilizes our dual stage foam filter. Our kit includes our filter, a filter cage, and a mounting flange. By eliminating the stock paper filter you get a kit that allows better air flow, stops more dirt, and is cleanable and re-useable. This kit is a must have for riders who want to protect their investment and be able to easily maintain their machine. The kit retails for $79.95 with replacement filters for the kit going for $38.95.

In the coming weeks we will announce our newest filter for the Can Am Commander. This filter takes it design cues from the Polaris. These two machines have very similar air box designs. Can Am also uses a paper element for their stock filter. Our design again increases the surface area of the filter providing better air flow, better protection, and ease of maintenance. The stock filter cannot stand up to the brutal off road conditions that these UTVs were designed to excel in. This kit will retail for $79.95 with replacement filters for the kit going for $39.95.

About Twin Air USA
Twin Air USA is leading the way in performance with ATV Dual-Stage Foam Air Filters. You can contact us at (800)749-2890 or visit our website at

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