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J&M ATV Supply

J&M Releases New In & Out Drive Shaft Utility

 Drive Shaft Switch Out (DSSO)
Drive Shaft Switch Out (DSSO)

November 14, 2011 - J&M ATV Supply (, under its WideOpen brand, has released a new in & out drive shaft utility to aid riders.  The Drive Shaft Switch Out (DSSO), is engineered for all time 4-wheel-drive ATVs to allow the rider to switch to 2-wheel drive with the press of a button. Shifting to 2wd improves the steering radius of the ATV, allows for sport-bike stunts like back end slides that are simply not possible with 4wd engaged.  The Drive Shaft Switch Out reduces steering effort to save wear and tear on both rider and vehicle and improves fuel economy at the same time.  When the rider is ready for 4wd, the Drive Shaft Switch Out allows for easy re-engagement of the front wheel drive.

J&M ATV Supply reports that demand for these products is high, but continues to escalate production to meet vendor needs.  In addition to the Drive Shaft Switch Out, the WideOpen also manufactures a service kit that works with the Drive Shaft Switch Out as well as other drive shaft utilities that have been discontinued.

Consumer reports have been overwhelmingly positive, as these products have been sought for years and kits and service parts for discontinued brands have sold for exorbitant prices on auction sites such as eBay.  The Drive Shaft Switch Out is an affordable upgrade within the price range of any ATV enthusiast.  Dealers should contact J&M ATV supply 1-800-367-9603 for distribution information.  Consumers should contact their local dealer.

About J&M ATV Supply
Since 1984, J&M ATV Supply has been a leading wholesaler of OEM and aftermarket ATV & UTV parts and accessories, distributing to customers across North America and abroad.  Through its WideOpen brand, J&M has provided dealers with parts and accessories that meet or exceed OEM specifications at affordable prices.

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