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Hi-Flite Seat Cover Replacement

By: Chris Hodkinson

Hi-Flite USADoes your seat cover look like this? If it does it is time to replace the cover and in our case the seat foam.  For this project we contacted the people at Hi-Flite USA.

After some friendly conversation about the color of the frame, fenders, and gas tank, they made a recommendation of their Red/Black Flame cover with the standard height replacement foam.  After looking up what this seat looked like on their website, I agreed with their choice.


Our old worn out OEM seat.The installation of the seat cover for me was quite easy as it arrived on a sunny day.  Items you'll need while doing this installation are: flat-blade screwdriver and a staple gun using 1/4" staples. The first thing I did, even before taking the old cover and foam off, was put the new cover in the sun to warm it up so it stretched easier.  You can also use a hair dryer if the heat of the sun is not available. While the cover was warming up I took the old cover off using a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the staples.  With the old cover off I removed the old hard cracked foam.  The new foam was molded perfectly and fit over the seat pan just like the OEM foam.

With the foam in place we started by slipping the cover over the front of the seat and then the back.  I checked it for fit from side to side and then front to back.   Then I put in a few staples in the front to hold it in place.  Be careful not to put to many staples in at the beginning as the fit may not be perfect and you may need to recenter the cover.  If this has to be done, simply pull out the staples and start again.

Pull the cover over the back of the seat and make sure it is tight.  If it is not pulled tight enough you will get a wrinkle in the curve of the seat cover.  Now you can staple down the back.  Make sure it is still tight over the center.  Next, pull it tight from side to side and put a couple of staples on the sides.  Don’t worry about getting enough staples in all at once.  You can go back and fill in the open areas later.

When the cover is all on and wrinkle free you can go back and staple the open areas.  One suggestion that is very important is to make sure you use 1/4” staples and nothing longer.  If you use longer staples they can go through your seat pan and cut the foam or worse yet puncture your new seat cover.

  Hi-Flites new flaming seat cover.        Hi-Flites new flaming seat cover.

Hi-Flite USA Info

Hi-Flite has a vast collection of colors available in standard or non-slip material with prices ranging from $64.95  to $124.95. Contact them for your seat needs today.

Contact Info:
Hi-Flite  USA
3401 W.Fordham Ave
Santa Ana, CA.  92704
Phone: 714-979-4810
Web Site:

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