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By: Chris Hodkinson and TBN Racing

By far the most interesting looking Banshee pipe out on the market today is the DMC 916. This unique looking pipe and silencer combination simply does not look like anything else on the market. DMC SilencerInstead of having two separate silencers exiting each side of the quad this setup brings the exhaust gasses out a single silencer with dual outlets in the center of the machine. Was this a gimmick by the designer Dave Miller to sell some more Banshee pipes because of there looks or did these pipes really increase performance. After a couple of phone calls we not only secured 1 set but 2 sets of DMC's to try. One test set was coming from Moto Joe Racer and the second test set was coming from Advantage Performance Distributing.

Right side view of DMC header pipeUpon receiving these pipes the first thing that we noticed was that the right hand pipe had a indentation in it. We opened up the second set of pipes to check them out to see if they had the same indentation in it or if this was a damaged pipe. Once we inspected the second pipe we found that this was a planned "dent" to help give more clearance for the coolant hoses. The chroming on these pipes is exceptional and the detail that goes into the silencer is second to none. We did notice one other difference between the 2 sets of pipes. One had a brazed on emblem while the other set had the emblem stamped into the pipe.

Installation of the pipes was real simple. The only tools needed were a spring puller or vise grips, 12mm wrench and a 3/8" wrench for the silencer. It uses the stock pipe hangers in the front and the mounting hardware for the silencers is included. These pipes are some of the easiest bolt on pipes on the market even though they look like the most complicated. We started the installation and left all the mounting brackets loose until we had every on. Then we went back and tightened everything down. These are the typical Banshee aftermarket pipes in that they slightly rub against the air box.

Now onto the fun part of the product reviews that we do here at ATV Source. THE RIDE!!!!! We fired up our test Banshee and was amazed at the sound of these pipes. They have a very distinct sound like no other pipe out on the market. Once the bike was warmed up and a couple of jetting runs made to get the jetting spot on we were ready to ride. One note here is that we use the Toomey Needles in all of our Banshees along with the Pro-Design Pro Flow Air Filters. These pipes did not come with any needles so we left our Toomeys in and they worked extremely well.

DMC roosting up some snowOur test rider for this was GNC Open B TT #2 rider Neil Moser and the rest of the TBN Racing crew. Due to the weather in the area for the test we did all of our comparison tests out on bare Asphalt and Fire Roads so that we could get an accurate test as traction out in the fields and sandpits is at a low right now. But as you will see we do enjoy going out into the snow covered fields to have some fun.

The power on the DMC's is real strong from the midrange on up. After some playing around with the gearing we came up with the conclusion that with all the torque this pipe adds you need to add more gearing to make these pipes work to there absolute best. Although these pipes have less torque down low then the stock Banshee pipes you will not notice it unless you are riding the Banshee out of it's element in the woods. The Banshees are meant to be a top end screamer with gobs of roll-on power. As you can see by the dyno charts for Torque and Horsepower these pipes have a long broad power band that is not real peaky and are very controllable to ride. Once you get above 5300 RPM the torque of these pipes take over. Our test riders constantly commented on how smooth these pipes accelerated. In side by side drags with our control Banshee we were constantly able to run away from it. But then again you would expect this. For comparison sake we bolted back on our Fattys to see if the DMC's could dethrone the unofficial king of the Banshee pipe class. After spending the day going back and forth between the 2 pipes we have found that the DMC's really do work. In the drags when we had the DMC's on, the test Banshee constantly shot out farther and continued to accelerate away faster against our control Banshee then it did when we had on the Fatty's.

Do we have a new king for the Banshee pipes? That question we can not answer completely yet as we are now going to be testing a set of the new FMF SST's that Moto Joe Racer sent to us to try. But if you had to go out and buy a pipe right now based on what we have seen we would fully recommend the DMC's.

The price for the DMC's is $529.00 or you can get the show Chrome finish for $679.00. You can also get the optional "2K" Spark Arrestor for an additional $55.95.A Special Thanks goes out to Moto Joe Racer and Advantage Performance Distributing for the use of there pipes for us to test. Be sure to check them out on the web.

Moto Joe Racer
4680 LosAngeles Ave.  STE1
Simi Valley CA  93063
Phone: 805.520.4625

Advantage Performance Distributing
9774 Hawthorne Drive
Rancho Cucomonga CA 91730
Phone: 909.483.3663

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