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By: Chris Hodkinson and TBN Racing

Banshee SST Pipes

FMF Dyno ChartHas there ever been a perfect pipe for the Banshee? One that gives a power boost throughout the whole power band? You can find pipes that give a performance gain for the rider who wants more mid to top or bottom to mid but in either case the other end of the power band noticeably suffers. Donny Elmer at FMF Racing set out to build the ultimate pipe for the Banshees. One that still created the great top end power of their “Fatty” pipes that the Duners crave but still has decent power down low for trail riding.

With the help of Dave Simon from Simon Sound Tech , they built their newest creation called the “SST”. At a glance, the SST’s look like the Fatty’s until you get back to the stinger section just past the reverse cone. Here is where the secret lies in the SST’s. Instead of having the stinger tubes the same diameter all the way from the reverse cone to the silencer. FMF has put a tapered section in that leads to about a 1” length that is smaller in diameter then tapers back out to the larger diameter pipe. The purpose of this section is to create a fast moving high-pressure “return wave” to reflect the unburnt fuel charge back into the cylinder.


Close-up of SST Header PipeWith the help of Moto Joe Racer, we secured a set of pipes for our Banshee. The installation of the pipes requires a spring puller plus a 12mm wrench. If you do not own a spring puller, a set of vice grips will work. They use the stock pipe hangers and bolt on with ease. Also included in the kit are main and pilot jets for a stock motor. Access to the spark plugs and the fuel petcock is excellent.

Do They Work

Once installed, we fired up the test Banshee. These are the quietest aftermarket pipes we have ever heard. After some test runs to warm up the motor and check out jetting we were ready to go. Just playing around these pipes felt stronger then any in-frame Banshee pipe we’ve tested. But seat of the pants riding is deceiving. If you read enough about a certain product and how it is suppose to perform, your judgment could be clouded into thinking it really works when it doesn't. You need something to compare it to both before and after your mods. Something that has not changed and still stays consistent. For this we rolled out our other Banshee. This Banshee has not changed since we started our pipe testing except for cleaning the air filter and gassing it up. OK, now back to the original question, Do they work? In one simple word “Yes”. Our SST piped Banshee flat out ran away from the other Banshee. No other Banshee pipes that we have tested shot the quad out of the hole as quick, as far, or was as fast on top as the SST’s. One of our test riders even used a word that you do not normally hear when talking about the Banshee when he stated that “the SST’s added more torque and it needed taller gearing”. There is not an area in the power band that the SST’s do not excel at. They pull strong all the way up through the powerband. The name SST might as well stand for Super Sonic Turbo the way they perform. Donny and the staff at FMF have succeeded in creating the ultimate overall Banshee pipe.

For those of you that want to squeak a little more performance out of the SST’s, FMF has even released a new “shorty” silencer. With the advantage of gaining more power there is also a disadvantage of more noise. With the growing restrictions on noise pollution, we would advise you to check your riding areas to see what the decibel requirements are before ordering one.

We would like to thank Moto Joe Racer for providing out test pipes. If you ever need any bolt on performance parts, we highly recommend them. They not only deal with the simple bolt on's like pipes, they also offer shocks and chassis components. Next time you need something give them a call, as their prices are reasonable with outstanding service. Tell them the “Source” sent ya! For more information on Moto Joe Racer, check out their website.

Moto Joe Racer
4680 LosAngeles Ave.  STE1
Simi Valley CA  93063
Phone: 805.520.3850

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