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By: Chris Hodkinson

ESR 2-Piece Billet Head

Every once and a while a product comes along that you just have to have because it looks great. The new ESR 2 pc Head for the TRX250R is one of these products. Its not often that you can buy a bolt on part that is both power enchancing and looks great. This is an exception to the rule though.

Head Top ViewBased on the same concept as the Pro Design Coolhead, the folks at ESR added a couple of new twists of their own. With the ESR 2 pc head you still have the added advantage of greater cooling capacity along with the ability to change domes to meet your compression needs for the fuel you will be burning. This is one area that ESR has made subtle changes. With the other 2 pc heads on the market, if you want more bottom end power you simply order a smaller CC dome to raise your compression or if you want top end a bigger CC dome to lower compression and increase Rev's. With the smaller CC Head Bottom View dome you will also have to run race gas while the larger CC domes you run pump gas. To get the motor to run on pump gas you could be sacrificing low end power that you don't want to lose and vice-versa for the top end. Eddie has taken this a step farther to help compensate for lost power at either end of the power band and you can still pick your choice of fuel. It has been found that a wider squish band width will increase low end power while a narrow squish band width works best for upper RPM running. So what Eddie does for Head and Dome Top view each size CC dome is make 2 different variations . One with a wider squish band width for low end and one with a narrow width for upper RPM motors. While this creates a little more work for Eddie and his CNC machines it gives him and his customers greater flexability for their motors.

Slotted holeYou can buy this head from ESR with your choice of 3 colors (Anodized Red, Black, or Unfinished). Another nice touch that is built into this head is that on the head stay they have put a slotted hole through instead of the standard round hole so that if you are running a spacer plate motor you can still use the top motor mount.

The ESR 2 pc Head is available for both the OEM TRX and LA Sleeve Pro-X cylinders. If you are looking to improve the looks of your quad and increase performance at the same time we suggest you give ESR a call or email them to see what they can do for you.

ESREddie Sanders Racing
1510 E. Main St. Unit C   
Visalia, CA  93292
Phone: 559.625.3157

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