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By: Chris Hodkinson

FMF SST TRX250R Pipe Test

Head pipe o-ringAfter reading our SST Banshee pipe test you know the history of the SST's and why they were made. Next up was to try one on our TRX250R to see if it made as radical of an improvement on that.

The installation of this pipe is pretty straight forward if you read the enclosed instructions. Also included with the pipe is the additional mounting hardware needed to get the pipe hangers to line up.  As with most  aftermarket TRX250R pipes it comes in 2 pieces.  A nice touch that FMF hasDouble wall stinger added here is that they O-Ring the joint so that no silicone is needed to seal it.  Also they have used a double wall where the silencer mates to the pipe so that it seals tightly there as well without the use of an exhaust clamp.  We logged a lot of hours with this pipe and no leaks occurred.  

As with the Banshee when we first fired it up we noticed right away how quiet this pipe is. After some test riding we noted how smooth this pipe came into the powerband. K&K test rider, Neal MoserNo massive hits in which the rear tires will break loose. A lot of pipes when bolted on take a considerable amount of lowend power away so when it comes into the meat of the power you really notice it and it makes you feel like you gained more power then you actually did. Not this one though. It takes a special pipe to deliver usable power all the way up though the powerband. FMF has definitely found the right combination that makes this a fun pipe to ride with no major surprises to the rider. Doug Gust used this very same pipe in both TT and MX races to power his way into 3rd place overall in last years GNC Series.

If you are looking for a good all around, easy to ride, and fun to drive pipe, look no further. The SST definitely has the lowend power to keep the modest woods rider happy all the way up to the hard core dune addicts thrill for speed.

FMF's Mike FairbanksFor more into about the SST's and other FMF Products you can email or call Mike Fairbanks. Also be sure to read our Chatlog featuring Mike as our special guest to see what else is brewing at FMF. You should also check out FMF's all new and improved website.

We would like to thank K&K ATV's team rider, Neal Moser, along with the rest of the TBN Racing crew for their time testing this product.

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FMF Racing
18033 S Santa Fe Ave 
Rancho Dominguez, CA  90221
Phone: 310.631.4FMF (4363)

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