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I received the motor on Friday, March 23rd.  After tearing open the box and tossing out 2 full garbage bags of newspaper, there sat the motor.  It was beautiful with polished cylinder and freshly painted cases.  It looked brand new and practically was.  I unbolted the 2 bolts holding the engine in the cage.  The bolts were mounted through the bottom of the engine and through the front motor mount.  I lifted the engine out and sat it on a sheet of cardboard to take a few pics.  The chassis had been prepped and ready for the motor for about a week prior to the motor arriving (I was very excited and had to do something to keep busy), so inserting the motor was a pretty simple task.  The engine was carefully slid into the chassis and the motor mount bolts put through the engine cases and tightened down.  The head stay was left off, as Dave recommends not running it due to it causing excessive frame stress and cracking.  I then installed the ESR TRX-5 pipe , (Dave really Pete Testing likes this pipe on his motors and recommends it for most builds), installed my silencer, tightened down the coolant hoses, and filled up the radiator.  I then put on the new 38mm Mikuni TM that MP had supplied, tightened down the clamps, double checked everything, poured some Av Gas premix into the tank, and got ready to start the engine.  It started on the first kick, which surprised me a lot, since it usually took my old motor a few kicks to start, and this motor wasn't even broken in yet.  I let the motor idle for about 8 minutes while occasionally blipping the throttle, letting it get nice and warm before shutting it down.  This is to run heat cycles and break the motor in (Wiseco pistons LOVE a good break-in).  I did this three more times and then took the bike out on a few nice easy rides.  I went through about 3/4 of a tank of gas before I decided to see what this puppy would do.  I took it out on the dirt road in front of my house and opened it up.  Holy cow!  Talk about a fast revver, this thing ripped!  It's pretty much every 250R owners dream engine, good pull off the bottom, a hard hitting and high revving midrange and topend.  With running 14/38 gearing and 20 inch Razrs, I had no problem letting the motor pick the front end up in 4th gear on the gravel road.  After the break in period, Dave suggests that you send the piston back to him so that he can bead blast the MP250R vs Modified Banshee skirts with virgin glass.  The reason for this is to help increase oil retention on the piston to reduce friction and scuffage, and to bring back about .001" piston to cylinder wall clearance.  This motor is by far the fastest 250R I have ever ridden and its only 250cc! On a recent trip to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, I was running neck and neck with a lot of modified Banshee's and a Pro-X cylindered 330 or 350R's. Everyone that rode my 250R had the same general consensus which was "WOW!" this thing rips!

I am very pleased with Dave and what he has done to my motor.  No longer do I have to be worried about not having enough HP at my fingertips.  But that only tells part of the story.  Dave also has exceptional customer service skills and will not sell you something that you do not need or does not work.  Dave lives for weekends at the dunes and builds everything that he races.  You can purchase the same motor that he runs in the Dunes of Oregon.

Please visit MP Racing's website for a complete list of what he can do for you.  Plus, you will see some cool pics of Dave's creations.  Dave also has a Message Board [no longer functional]where you can ask him questions.  You can also visit with Dave in our chatroom [no longer funcational] on Wednesday evenings as he will answer tech. questions.

[This company is no longer in business]
MP RacingMP Racing
1550 4th Street   
Salem, Oregon  97303
Phone: 503.361.7666


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