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By: Chris Hodkinson

At the end of the 2000 season Polaris announced the release of their entries into the kids market. They would be coming out with 3 models with their body styles based on 2 of their most popular models, the Scrambler and the Sportsmen. The Scrambler models come in a choice of 50cc and 90cc while the Sportsman comes equipped in the 90cc version.

D&D Performance Scramble PipeIn the never ending saga of performance it was only a matter of time before aftermarket goodies would start to be released for these small machines. D&D Performance is the first hop up shop to throw its hat into the ring for the Scrambler 90. D&D Performance is widely known as one of the leaders in Artic Cat Technology. Setting numerous speed records on both grass and asphalt with their motors. As well, building Tucker Hibberts snowcross motors that carried him to numerous wins this past year.

D&D Performance Scrambler Pipe This is the same pipe that they made to use on their E-Ton 90's so really all that had to be done was a minor modification to the rear mount. This same pipe will also work on the Alpha Sport 90. All 3 of these machines have the same motor and the chassis are nearly identical. The only real difference is the plastic and tires. Once bolted up we fired up the previously mellow sounding machine. What a difference in sound with the new pipe and silencer combo in place. This quad finally sounds like a 2-stroke. It is not overly loud by any means but now it sounds more like a factory 125 dirt bike motor.

Stock bike trying to get to its top speed in a hurryBefore we took the stock pipe off we radared it at a top speed of 28 mph in which it took forever for it to get there. Plenty fast enough for a beginner but not nearly enough power to haul around the bigger, older riders that the machine is made for. With the D&D pipe bolted on we went back out and did another radar run of 31.7 mph with a lot quicker acceleration. Not a bad pick up for a 90cc motor. The real gain though is the bottom end throttle response. Before you had to do a brake stand and pull up on the handle bars with great authority to get the front end up but now with the D&D pipe in place all you have to do is give a slight tug on the bars and up the front end comes.  With this same pipe on the Alpha Sport 90 and slightly taller gearing they gained an incredible 10 mph.

Not bad for a bolt-on item and no clutch adjustments. For more info about the Scrambler 90 or the E-Ton pipe contact D&D Performance. D&D is also a licensed dealer for the new Cannondale line. They also make pipes for the popular 400EX, Raptor and the Cannondale. You can visit their website or contact them at:

D&D Performance
Phone: 315.376.8013

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