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By: Team Source

Today we take a look at two products to help you stay on the trail rather than dreaming you were on the trail. Chain maintenance is very importance to a quads checklist of things to do before and after you ride. A clean, properly lubed chain will help prolong the life of the chain over normal wear and tear too. As well, follow your owners manual for the proper chain tension.  To much tension and you'll stretch your chain, to little and your chain could come off.

The Grunge BrushThe first of these two products comes from Simple Solutions, called “The Grunge Brush™.” The Grunge Brush™ is a sturdy plastic handled brush, made specifically when cleaning the o-ring chain on your ATV. The Grunge Brush™ is just the first step in keeping that chain running smoothly and extending its life past normal wear and tear.  A look at The Grunge Brushes bristles up closeThe Grunge Brush™ has a U-shaped head for quick and easy cleaning coverage of your chain. Inside the U-shaped head are three separate bristle pads. These pads are made up of many tightly nit nylon bristles of medium stiffness. There is just enough stiffness in these bristles to scrub away the dirt and grime build-up and not damage the o-rings.  The U-shaped head even flexes so you can apply gentle pressure to make sure that every tough nuke and cranny of your chain gets cleaned.

Finish Line Technologies, Inc.Once you have thoroughly cleaned your chain, you’ll need to apply the second of these two products, some type of chain lube. This is were a product from Finish Line fits the bill.  KryTech Wax Lubricant should be applied to a clean chain to help keep that chain running freely and smoothly. A thin, evenly distributed amount of KryTech Wax Lubricant will do the job.  Do not over spray your chain, as this leads to a messy, glob filled chain. KryTech Wax Lubricant uses special anti-wear waxes, rust inhibitors and a metal bonding material from Dupont.  KryTech Wax Lubricant has a no oily,KryTech Wax Lubricant - KryTech Wax comes in either a 4oz drip bottle, 11 oz. Aerosol can, and 1 gallon jugs. greasy, grime-absorbing feel to it. Thus keeping the dirt and grime away from your chain and o-rings while riding that muddy or dusty trail.  The lubricity and bonding power of KryTech Wax Lubricant means that even during deep water rides and high speeds, you will know that you are not leaving your chain wax behind.  KryTech Wax Lubricant is 100% o-ring compatible too.

After each ride, these are just two steps you should do to keep your ATV chain in tip-top-running order.

Contacts for available products:

Simple Solutions - "The Grunge Brush"
Eric Silvers
Phone: 831.688.5527
Fax: 831.688.5527

Finish Line Technologies, Inc. - "KryTech Wax Lubricant"
1545 Fifth Industrial Court
Bay Shore, NY 11706 USA
Phone: 631.666.7300
Fax: 631.666.7391

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