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 Home Product Reviews Maxxis 4-Snow, The Ultimate Dirt Drag Tire?

Product Review By: Chris Hodkinson

ATV Dirt Drags on the east coast are every bit as competitive and the racers take it as seriously as the NHRA Top Fuel guys.  Even though the Top Fuel Cars are running 300+ mph, over a 1/4 mile stretch, and just under 5 seconds, ATV Dirt Drags can be just as exciting and quick. ATV's cannot come close to hitting 300+, but in 300 ft, their speeds can reach over 85+ and times are also under 5 seconds. With a combination of speed and time, they, the ATV dirt dragsters, have to be on their toes just as much as the Top Fuel cars so they can cross the finish line first.

Many races are won or lost right in the 1st 60 ft.  If you can't put the power to the ground and your competition does, forget about it, it's all over for you.

The tire of choice at these races is the Pro Wedge II's. They offer excellent traction on the starting line and grow in size as the tire speed increases.  No other tire puts this combination together quite as well. The biggest down fall for the Pro Wedge II's is the availability of them. They can be hard to come by and if you do find them, might be costly too.

Pro Wedge II's on left and 4-Snow's on the rightThe engineers at Maxxis may have stumbled onto the ultimate dirt drag tire combination and they didn't even know it while designing the "4-Snow" for the winter enthusiast.  The new Maxxis 4-Snow (M910) wasn't meant to be a competition used ATV dirt drag tire.  But with a tread pattern similar to the Pro Wedge II, except for a little deeper lug, and also weighing in at 1 lb less per tire, these tires looked like a formidable foe for the Pro Wedge II's. We contacted Maxxis for more info on these tires and also found out that they grow 40% taller when up to speed. They were as curious as we were about how these tires would compare to the Pro Wedge II's so they sent us out a set for testing purposes.

Starting line shotWe set up the timers out at our local dirt drag track.  We made several runs with each set of tires, and immediately noticed that the '4-Snows' consistently offered more traction and were quicker at the start.  We recorded each run and at the end of the day the '4-Snows' were .15-.20 of a second quicker then the Pro Wedge II's in 300 ft. This translates to about 2-3 bike lengths in 300ft.

Although we cannot comment on the wear characteristics of the '4-Snows' vs. the Pro Wedge II's in this short time we have had them. However, we can say that in the last month of racing and testing they have held up well.

In conclusion, we can say this, for the rest of this race season we will be showing up with our quads running Maxxis 4 Snows, as this is a new arsenal in our daily quest for more speed and faster runtimes in our 1/4 mile drags.

For more info on the 4-Snow contact Maxxis at:

Maxxis International-USA
545 Old Peachtree Road
Suwanee, GA 30024
Tel: (800) 4.MAXXIS
Tel: (770) 962-8229
Fax: (770) 962-7705

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