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 Home Product Reviews D&D Power Sports Banshee Head

Ever since it's release back in 1987 the Yamaha Banshee has been noted for its overheating problems when the quad is pushed to its limits.  The easiest way to cure this problem is with one of the many aftermarket heads that have additional cooling capacity.  Companies such as Trinity or Ohton Racing have taken this design one step further and spent numerous hours developing heads that force coolant flow down around the cylinders to aide in keeping the Banshee running cooler longer.

D & D PowersportsD&D Power Sports noted engine builders for some of the fastest grass and asphalt drag sleds across the country have now decided to take their knowledge of building top performing sleds and put it to work in the ATV world.  The have been making pipes for the Raptors, 400EX's and the Eton 90 for a couple of years now but now they have put their best foot forward with the introduction of their Banshee Billet Power Heads.  This is an all new design head that has been proven on their snowmobile race engines for the past three seasons.  They are individual heads to assure maximum cylinder sealant and ease of installation.  These heads have large volume water jackets to provide maximum cooling, allowing for a high compression ratio for more horsepower.  This radical design allows you to open only one side if you need to work on one cylinder and help compensate when you have a cylinder higher than the other.  This is very important when building their stroker motors.

D&D PowerSports Banshee HeadD&D has also designed these heads for the stock stud lengths and eliminated the need for O-Rings around each head stud by supplying copper washers and stainless steel acorn nuts.  Another standard feature of these heads is that the inner O-Ring position has already been moved out to accommodate the larger 68mm bore pistons so you only need to buy one set of domes.  Domes are available in 3 standard sizes 15, 18, or 20cc and the squish and chamber design is based on their latest snowmobile head technology.  They will also be stocking blank domes for the builder who needs a custom cut.


The first thing that we noticed when installing this head was that by using the short factory studs and the individual heads is that the heads slipped right down on the cylinders with no added pressure.   Just line up the holes and the heads fall right on.  Once the heads are on you can proceed to torque the heads without worrying if you are missing an O-Ring.  The installation of the sparks plugs comes next.  We have found in the past that the first couple of times that you have to screw your plug into the other domes out on the market that the plug is acting like a chaser tap cleaning out the threads of dome.  They screw in hard and need the use of a wrench to get them in.  Not with the D&D domes, the plug screwed right in by just using your fingers up to the crush washer.  On a side note all the hardware needed to install the heads is included except the water spigot in the back which you will need to unbolt off from you stock head.


Installed HeadWith the head installed and all the hoses hooked back up we fired up the Banshee and are happy to report that these heads are leak free.  Once warmed up we took it out to put it through its paces. Thus, to get the motor hot and test out there claim about reduced cylinder and head temps.  After a dozen or so runs up and down the drag track we shot the external temps at 94 degrees with the heat gun.  The previous day we had a Trinity Stage IV head on the heat gun with identical weather conditions and the external temps on this combo was running 112+ degrees with less runs up and down the track.  As we all know the cooler we can run our motors the longer they will produce peak horsepower and there will be less strain on the internal parts.  For the creativity, ease of installation, and the backing up of their claim that their head will significantly lower your cylinder and head temps we strongly recommend this Banshee head to anyone on the market who is looking to replace their stock head.  D&D Power Sports also offer a complete bolt on package for the Banshee consisting of a Timing Key, V-Force Reeds, and their Head.

For more info on these products or services contact them at:

D&D Power Sports
4527 Route 410
Lowville, NY 13367
Phone: 315.376.8013
Fax: 315.376.4702
Tech: 315.376.9474

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 D&D Powersports assembled head bottom view.


D&D Powersports assembled head top view


D&D Powersports bottom view of the head and domes.


D&D Powersports installed head.