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The product web site listed here is no longer in service.  However, we have left this review up for those that had purchase this product in the past or would like to read the history of the product.



If you have a fairly new ATV odds are you have spent several thousand dollars on a recreational vehicle, yes recreational. Granted, sometimes ATV’s are bought for work purposes only, but that doesn’t happen often. Some folks will spend more on there ATV’s than they do there cars! However, don’t you think if you’re going to spend that amount of money you should protect it somehow? Most ATV owners never think about that, but I promise you after hours in the woods, mud, and sitting in the hot sunshine your ATV will not keep that showroom shine very long. Trust me we’ve been there! In most cases that showroom finish is gone within a matter of hours.

Clear GuardWe had a chance to look at the ATV protection kit from a company called Clear Guard. They have pioneered the same automotive protection system that made them famous and transferred it to the ATV. This is the first part of a two part review; this review will focus on the headlight and speedometer kit, with the second review focusing on the fender kit. Our test machine was a 2001 Honda Rancher ES. The Clear Guard system is very unique, keep reading to find out how it stacked up!

Why Clear Guard?

Digital display with Clear Guard applied to the cover.The entire protection system is designed to protect your finish from scratching, cracking, and sun fade. As ATV’s enhance they become more expensive, take the LCD display on our test machine for example. To replace the unit would be close to $240! The protection kit on the other hand, will protect it from bumps, scratches, fading etc. Still not convinced? Start thinking about your headlights, they are the first to see the evidence of rough terrain. Do you ever get your headlights wet and then they looked fogged? The headlight and speedometer protection kit will protect it all!


Before we say one word it is CRITICAL that you approach this process with patience! Time is needed to get it right, but if done right, the result will be worth the time. All the needed instructions are included in the package. However, you’ll need these accessories to get the job done.

  • 1 Quart Spray Bottle
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer
  • 1 bottle Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)
  • Ordinary Tap Water
  • Installation tools may be easily purchased from the Installation Tools portion of the Clear Guard store here

General Instructions

  1. Mix 25% Alcohol and 75% water in a spray bottle. Use the mixed solution to thoroughly clean the surface of the headlight being certain to remove all grease, wax, tar and dirt. Dry the headlight with a lint free cloth. DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING PAPER AT THIS POINT!
  2. For best results, both the headlight and the Clear Guard Headlight Protection Kit should be above room temperature during installation. It is best to perform installation in a controlled environment. In order to achieve a higher installation temperature, turn on the headlight high beams and wait until the headlight becomes warm to the touch, or use the heat gun or hair dryer to gently warm the light surfaces. It is best if the kit pieces are also slightly above room temperature. This may be accomplished with the heat gun or hair dryer.
  3. Before removing the protective backing paper, dry fit each piece to be certain that you are applying the proper piece on the proper light.
  4. Wet your fingers thoroughly with the alcohol solution. It is important that you not touch the exposed adhesive surface of the kit with dry fingers. Handling the adhesive side of the piece with dry fingers or hands will leave marks that will not go away.
  5. With hands and fingers wet, remove the backing paper and immediately spray the now exposed adhesive side of the piece thoroughly with the alcohol solution.
  6. Spray the warmed headlight thoroughly with the alcohol solution.
  7. Apply the piece to the light and use your hand to smooth the piece onto the light from the center out.
  8. Then use the squeegee provided with your kit to force the solution out along the edges of the piece by using firm, continuous strokes, from the center out. On contoured surfaces, the adhesive will not stick to the lens immediately. In this case, use the heat gun or hair dryer to gently heat between the lens and the plastic. This will soften the plastic and evaporate some of the moisture allowing for better contouring of the material. DO NOT OVERHEAT THE PLASTIC. The material needs only to be warmed.
  9. You may notice a hazy appearance between the lens and the plastic within an hour of installation. This is caused by residual moisture that has become trapped between the kit and the light. This is a normal occurrence and it should last no longer than 1 week. Heat accelerates the dissipation of the moisture. Driving with lights on at all times is helpful. The adhesive should cure for at least 48 hours before washing your vehicle. We are not responsible for the improper application of your Clear Guard Headlight Protection Kit.

Once more, it cannot be stressed enough that patience is required to get the job done right. The package is designed to be installed by one person. Most installs can be completed in 10-15 minutes. The Clear Guard product line is designed to be virtually transparent when applied, if you aren’t careful you will have fingerprints. It is essential that the surface be clean and oil free. If you are patient and follow these instructions you’ll have a package that will protect your investment.


Overview of Clear Guard applied to ATV.An ATV is a large investment, but protecting it is more than changing the oil and filters. Clear Guard protection systems should be included as well. Applying Clear Guard is quick and easy. The kits range from $15-$25 depending on your model of ATV. Don’t you think a little time and cash are worth it on a big investment? We surely did! Spend a few dollars now, save a lot of dollars later.

For more information about Clear Guard products contact:

Clear Guard
P.O. Box 1021
Saegertown, PA 16433
Phone: 814.763.1550

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