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 Home Product Reviews ATV Sports Plus Drag Swing-Arm

ATV Sports Plus SwingarmFor most dune loving rider the need to go fast is imperative. It is always fun to have bragging rights among your friends on who has the fastest quad. Most people, including ourselves, have concentrated mostly on our motors and overlooked chassis setup and weight savings. To be the fastest, you simply have to put more power to the ground.  But, the more power you put to the ground the better tires you need to get traction. Therefore, you buy new tires to place that horsepower to the ground.  However, the more traction you get the more your ATV will want to loft the front-end. All-in-all causing you to back off on the throttle to bring the wheeling, fire breathing ATV back down to earth.  So you ask what is needed to keep my front-end from flying over my head each time I hammer the throttle, a longer swing-arm, that's the ticket. 

Adjustable Shock MountThis is where ATV Sports Plus and their new aluminum swing-arms come in. ATV Sport Plus will custom build you a swing-arm to meet your traction needs. This no-link swing-arm is completely CNC machined and TIG welded out of 6061 T-6 aluminum. These swing-arms are not only trick looking but extremely light. The craftsmanship on this swing-arm is exceptional. Designed to take the '86-'89 TRX250R bearing carrier, they also feature an adjustable shock mount to fine tune your various needs for dunning and drag racing by lowering or raising you ride height. The fit and finish is outstanding and new front bearings and dust caps are included in the kit. In the works are a new auto chain tensioner and slider.

We have spent a month now out on the drag tracks with some of them being fairly rough and we have not experience any problems with the swing-arm. The only drawback with these swing-arms for the normal duner or drag racer is that you must run the Marvin Shaw style shock.

For anyone that is serious about putting the power to the ground and at the same time, shave some weight in the process, this is the setup to have. Available in a Milled or Polish finish which will turn many heads in the pits with its beautiful crafted piece of metal. Putting the swing-arm to the test will get not one, but two long looks as you put all that power to the ground with a huge roost behind you.

Axle Carrier
Axle Carrier
Rear view of swing-arm mounted.
Rear view of
swing-arm mounted.
Swing-arm front mounting bracket
Swing-arm front
mounting bracket

For more info on this or other ATV Sports Plus products you can contact them by email or contact them with following information.

Contact Info:
ATV Sports Plus
357 Main St.
Dallas, Oregon 97338
Phone: 503-623-4406

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