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 Home Product Reviews OEM Cylinder Shootout

After many phone calls, wrenching, jetting, and paper work we finally have the results of the OEM cylinder shootout for the 250R.  This shootout started out to be a 12 cylinder shootout, but as time progressed, and builders either called or told us that they didn't have the time, or they just couldn't meet the deadline for entries. Therefore, when it was all said and done, we had 3 builders that stepped up to the plate, FTZ, APX, and MP Racing.

First of all we are not going to be declaring a winner because in there own right each one of these motor builders can build you a fast engine if you give them specific details what you want out of your motor.  We just asked for one that would be competitive in 300 ft. And as the times dictate, they each went about it in a different way.  (Editors note: The note that was sent with the APX cylinder stated this cylinder was intended for MX racing as the stronger 100-200ft time's show). We did not use their complete motor packages as we didn't want to get into a package deal issue but wanted them to build something to compliment what the average owner already has for pipes, carbs and reeds.  For more details on the requirements please refer to the following article.

APX Cylinder

Interval on this cylinder from 100-200 feet is 1.439 secs and from 200-300 feet is 1.338 secs.


100 FT 200 FT 300 FT

Picture Links

Boost Port
Exhaust Port

1     3.079 4.609 5.877
2     3.06 4.519 5.846
3     3.058 4.463 5.877
4     3.05 4.439 5.831
5     3.01 4.418 5.71
Ave. 3.051 4.49 5.828

FTZ Cylinder

Interval on this cylinder from 100-200 feet is 1.453 secs and from 200-300 feet is 1.256 secs.


100 FT 200 FT 300 FT

Picture Links

Close Export
Exhaust Port

1     2.774 4.274 5.454
2     2.916 4.301 5.619
3     2.943 4.308 5.649
4     2.945 4.384 5.653
5     3.022 4.518 5.692
Ave. 2.9038 4.357 5.6134

MP Cylinder

Interval on this cylinder from 100-200 feet is 1.568 secs and from 200-300 feet is 1.1858 sec.


100 FT 200 FT 300 FT

Picture Links

Cylinder Side
Exhaust Port
Piston Side
Piston Top
Transfer Vies

1     3.02 4.562 5.704
2     3.052 4.578 5.787
3     30.57 4.618 5.831
4     3.061 4.654 5.842
5     3.08 4.7 5.875


3.054 4.622 5.8078

For more info on each of these cylinders please contact the following builders as each cylinder has its own unique characteristics such as the carbon impregnation done on the APX or the welded up intakes and Top Hat style piston that MP Racing runs.

Each one of these cylinders is very capable of winning. We spent all summer racing each one through out NY State and won with each one of them.

Contact Info:
APX Racing
ET Performance
Phone: 252-465-4563
Contact Info:
FTZ Performance Inc.

408 So. Kings Highway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
Phone:  573-334-5439
Contact Info:
MP Racing
1550 4th Street
Salem, Oregon  97303
Phone: 503-361-7666

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